Top 10 Things to Do at a Las Vegas Pool Party

Top 10 Things to Do at a Las Vegas Pool

The Las Vegas pool club scene is its own unique ecosystem. Whether at Encore Beach Club, Bare, Wet Republic or simply the hotel pool at Venetian, these are the top 10 things we recommend all guests do while enjoying the hot Vegas weather.

Vegas Pool Parties


  1. GET THE BOTTLE SERVICE! There’s nothing sadder than a grown man eating chicken fingers alone while standing in a corner of Encore Beach Club. Avoid that by getting a table with bottle service.
  2. Buy an expensive swimsuit and sunglasses. This is the only place where it will count. And yes, there is a dress code at Las Vegas Pool Clubs/ Dayclubs.
  3. If you visit Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire or any other strip club invite the strippers to the pool club the next day. Vegas strippers love pools, but they only come if you have bottle service. Which you do. Right?
  4. Pace yourself. The days are long and hot here in Las Vegas. The last thing you need is to be carted off blacked out to your room by hotel security. So drink plenty of water, and eat those chicken fingers. At your table.
  5. Plan ahead. Pool clubs and cabana reservations sell out quickly. So don’t leave it for last minute, or you might not even be able to get in.
  6. Work out before visiting. Start working out and dieting at least four weeks before visiting. The competition out here is rough, so put your best foot forward!
  7. Get there early. Most Las Vegas pool / dayclubs / pool clubs have a max capacity. And because there aren’t enough to accommodate the 40 million visitors to Vegas they tend to sell out early afternoon. Especially on holiday weekends or big events. The only way to guarantee entry is to beat the crowds. So get there early.
  8. Take the time to refresh yourself throughout the day in the bathroom. That means tip the bathroom attendants and use that cologne and deodorant they keep handy. Smelling bad is never ok, even at a Vegas pool.
  9. If it comes down to either a Vegas nightclub or a Vegas pool club, always go with the pool club.
  10. Go ahead and make out with that stranger.

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