A Guide to Getting Laid in Vegas Nightclubs

A Guide to Getting Laid in Vegas Nightclubs

Las Vegas Nightclubs

Here at Nightlife Unlocked, we try to optimize the guest experience. As a result our guests always ask us for advice on getting laid at the club. We usually shy away from such a question, as there is only so much advice we can offer over the course of an evening. In an effort to better help our guests, we asked our hosts on the ground for their best “getting laid” advice in a Vegas club. We compiled it for you, our dear readers. So please enjoy, and good luck out there!

Step 1: Always get bottle service. It doesn’t matter where you are. If it’s at a bar, a pool club, a nightclub, spring for the bottle service. Hell in Vegas, there’s bottle service at Taco Bell. Wherever it is that you are in Vegas if you don’t have bottle service your chances of even talking to a girl are non-existent. Even the smallest table at a nightclub is better than no table at a nightclub. Oh and while we’re at it, never order beer in a Vegas nightclub. Nothing says “I’m broke” faster than the glow of a beer bottle in a nightclub. Need help booking a table? Call us!

Step 2: Take the time to look your best. That means iron your shirt, make sure it fits right, and get the $100 bathing shorts. Las Vegas is extremely superficial and so are the women you want to sleep with, so put your best foot forward.

Step 3: Practice. Wherever you’re from before you make it out to Vegas practice talking to women. Practicing ahead of time will make you feel more at ease and relaxed when you’re talking to women here in Vegas. Talking to that Wisconsin 10 will prepare you for talking to the Vegas 6. And let’s face it, it’s those sixes and above that are the most fun.

Step 4: Take a chance with absolutely every woman you meet. Why? Because you simply never know what may come of it. People here in Vegas are very much open to new experiences, and if you don’t take your shot you simply never know what could happen. So take your shot. At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game and the more feelers you put out there, the more return you’ll get on your investment.

Step 5: Have fun! Women are very responsive to men that are having fun. Duh.

So there you go! A few simple guidelines to better help your chances at getting laid while here in Las Vegas. If these don’t work, well just drink more until you no longer care.

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