The 3 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas in 2020 Revealed


Looking To Party at The Best Hip Hop Clubs in Vegas?

Well keep reading because I’ll be sharing them with you here in this post!

Now as you probably know, COVID-19 has changed the city quite a bit, especially the Las Vegas nightlife.

As of today, most nightclubs and hip-hop clubs in Las Vegas are closed due to the pandemic.

However, some will be back open this week!

In fact, Tao Nightclub is open again this week for bottle service reservations!

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Now here are the top 3 hip-hop nightclubs in Las Vegas..

1. Tao Nightclub in the Venetian


Many people coming to Las Vegas say Tao Nightclub is their favorite hip hop club in Vegas.

It’s located in the Venetian hotel and has multiple rooms, enjoyable ambiance and great hip hop and R&B music!

They have different DJs and performers that come in, so be sure to message Richie here to see who they have coming up!

Plus if you’re looking to reserve a table and get bottle service, then Richie is the guy you want to talk to!

Tao Nightclub is currently opening this week (Thursday – Saturday) for bottle service reservations only. 

If you’re ready to turn up in Las Vegas once again, then get ready and lets make it happen!

Chateau Las Vegas

Chateau Nightclub is another one of the best hip hop nightclubs in Las Vegas. It’s located in the Paris hotel and casino.

It’s currently closed due to COVID-19, but when it opens back up, you’ll want to be there!

Chateau also is a multi-room night club in Las Vegas with both indoor and outdoor places to party and celebrate.

They bring in a variety of hip hop and R&B artists to perform, so it’s like a concert like you’ve seen before!

To get the latest news on when Chateau nightclub will be open again, text Richie here via WhatsApp.

3. Marquee Boom Box Room at the Cosmopolitan

Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas is another great hip hop club in Las Vegas.

It too is closed right now, due to the pandemic.

But, The Pool Marquee is open this week! 

It’s only open for reservations of a table, cabana or bottle service.

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When Marquee Nightclub (Boom Box Room) opens back up, you’ll want to make sure you go!

It’s a huge club that’s 60,000 square-feet with multiple rooms.

Their Boom Box Room is the room that’s focused on hip hop music. They have live performances all the time (other than during the pandemic) that people love to see!

They have huge LED screens and great lights and technology in there, so it’s for sure one of the best hip hop nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Those are the 3 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas!

If you’re looking to book a table and get bottle service, be sure to text Richie.

He’s been in the Las Vegas nightlife industry for years and knows how to make sure you get a great deal on tables and bottles.

Plus he’s got info on which clubs are going to be best to go to during this pandemic, so shoot him a text via WhatsApp here.

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