Drinks With a Theme

Vegas Nightclubs: Drinks With a Theme

Las Vegas NightclubsVegas has always been synonymous with “cash” and “flash”. By the late 1990s, Las Vegans were already tourist-savvy enough to realize that in order to survive, they needed to pull out all the stops when it came to their tourist attractions, ie their hotels, resorts, attractions, bars, nightclubs, etc.

Bars are constantly trying to one-up each other when it comes to serving the best cocktails, hosting the best events, or just vying for the title of best overall themed attraction. Let’s examine the top themes featured in 2018 Vegas nightclubs, and figure out who’s leading the pack:

Cleopatra’s Barge

Literally, everything is Egyptian-themed…think gold, Pyramids and excess galore! Easily out-glitzing its competitors in terms of flashiness, Caesar Palaces Egyptian offering, Cleopatras Barge, literally rocks and rolls in about five feet of water. The view is cliche Egyptian: stone Sphinxes, pharaoh statues, black chariot style seats, and more. You won’t find any creepy mummies here, thankfully, although some of their guests look embalmed, as they exit after having one too many cocktails…

Gilley’s Saloon Dance Hall & Bar-B-Que

Check out the rustic barn feel of this unique “saloon” themed nightclub slash bar, almost like you stepped right into Pasadena, Texas! Add some cowboy kitschiness, neon lights, swinging saloon style doors, hay bales, wooden posts, barrels, buckets of peanuts (with their shells strewn all over the place) and a dance floor styled after a corral? Welcome to the Deep South, the Vegas edition….yeehaw, giddy up now, Y’all!

Carnaval Court

Harrah’s Carnaval Court is as gaudy as they come. The Strip’s only “outdoor lounge” screams with primary colors, Mardi Gras style graffiti, street performers and live bands. What’s so unique about this attraction? It has the feel of an open-air street party 24/7, full with colorful sights, sounds, and movements.

Mandalay Bay Beach Bar

Over at Mandalay Bay, the beach club located here recreates a Pacific Ocean type beach setting where tops are optional. Think grass-thatched huts, surfboards, bikini-clad girls, plastic sharks, etc. Plus exclusive dipping pools, luxe chaise lounges and relaxing cabanas at every corner. Pool party approved!

Red Square Restaurant & Vodka Lounge

Red Square shows you how to party like a Russian…or at the very least, how to drink vodka correctly! This bar prides itself on its claim to fame on having what the tourist attraction believes to be “the largest availability of vodka in the world.” Other features include a bar made of ice and Czarist themed wall decorations hanging in salute to the drunkest of patrons.

Frankies Tiki Room

This Vegas bar goes for more of an “exotic” beach theme, featuring tropical tiki vibes, umbrella-bearing drinks, and twinkling tiki-lit decor. On the drink menu is their signature Zombie cocktail, where you are automatically cut off after two rounds of this alcohol-laden specialty. 

There isn’t much missing from the city of sin’s ever-expanding nightlife scene. Somehow Vegas manages to capture something for everyone, whether you are a tiki bar aficionado or someone who likes the comforts of good ole’ southern living.

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