3 Brutal Las Vegas Nightclub Truths

3 Brutal Las Vegas Nightclub Truths

Las Vegas NightclubThere is a certain honesty that gets fleshed out in Las Vegas Nightclubs nightly. Many times visitors to our fair cities are caught by surprise when confronted by these truths. However, we here at Nightlife Unlocked believe in transparency. So as a public service we offer 3 brutal Las Vegas nightclub truths in order to better help visitors to our fair city.

Ladies are almost exclusively judged on looks.

Hate to break this to you ladies, but in a Las Vegas nightclub, no one cares about your personality. This also applies to group settings. That means that in a group of six ladies, if one of them isn’t good looking, then the whole group might be turned away. It’s terrible and superficial, but it’s the reality of Las Vegas nightclubs. So look your best, put your best foot forward, and don’t take it too personally if you get rejected around Las Vegas. Remember, social rejection is what created the X-Men.

Big holidays expect to spend big money.

This includes Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend, and New Year’s Eve. Don’t expect “hook-ups”. The volume of people that visit during these weekends is enough to drive prices through the roof. It’s simple supply and demand. So please don’t expect any favors on these weekends. If perchance you do get one, take it, be thankful and keep it moving. There are about 10,000 people behind you trying to get in. Oh and don’t forget to tip. $100 will do nicely.

Money rules all.

If you noticed above, the word almost was purposely included. That’s because in Las Vegas nightclubs money rules all. If you’re spending money it doesn’t matter what you look like. Puked at the club? Just tip the security staff to let you stay. Long line at the club? Just tip your way to the front. Don’t like your table? Just agree to a higher minimum spend. Las Vegas nightlife is capitalism at its finest.


Are there any other brutal truths you can think of? Feel free to add to the conversation!

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