Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas

Why Hyde Bellagio is the Best Nightclub in Las Vegas

Hyde Bellagio Las VegasI have been fortunate enough to be visiting Las Vegas and enjoying bottle service for years now. It was after my third visit that I came across Richie at Nightlife Unlocked and he suggested a visit to Hyde Bellagio Nightclub. Since then Hyde has become a staple of every single trip I take to Las Vegas, and here’s why:


That View:

No matter how many times you see those Bellagio Fountains it’s always like the first time. Hyde Bellagio is of course at the center of the fountains, and if you’re like me and you purchase table number 16, then you’re at the center of the entire Bellagio Resort. The view from such a spot is breathtaking. Every time I bring someone with me and the fountains go off, I watch as their eyes widen and their mouths drop (along with panties, sometimes). Even the most expensive DJ’s in Las Vegas can’t compare with that view.


The Crowd:

There simply isn’t a better-looking crowd in a Las Vegas nightclub. The Bellagio itself is the preferred hotel among millionaires (go ahead, Google it). So everyone with a table at Hyde has a net worth of at least $1,000,000. That is incredibly refreshing to know for someone like myself. And if you don’t have a table, then you’re probably an incredibly good- looking woman. That’s it. Those are the only two types of people at Hyde Bellagio. The fact that the front door is so stringent only makes the experience inside Hyde that much better.


The Music:

The music is a little bit of everything. Hyde constantly has amazing DJ’s like London on Da Track, and DJ Vice that does an amazing job of creating a night of entertainment where everything gets played and mixed seamlessly. If someone likes EDM, or hip-hop, they’ll have a great time because it will all get played. Hyde is the only club left in Las Vegas where no matter whom you take, they will enjoy the music.


The Ambiance:

The layout is perfect. Every table has enough room for everyone at the table no matter which table you have. That helps create an ambiance of luxury. Hyde is one of the most luxurious places in Las Vegas if not, the world. And feel free to order champagne to have the entire world come to a halt so that you can receive your bottle at your perfect table, in an over the top presentation. The opulence just doesn’t end, and every little detail simply adds to the experience.

I honestly could go on and on about this place but I just don’t have enough time. Hyde is one of the most special places in Las Vegas, and with Richie of Nightlife Unlocked, every visit is a special one.




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