The Right Way to Spend a Three Day Weekend in Las Vegas

The Right Way to Spend a Three Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Memorial Day, Labor Day, and any other holiday that extends the weekend in Las Vegas has to be handled with utmost care. That one extra day changes everything from pricing at nightclubs, to the pace at which a guest to Las Vegas should party. We constantly get asked the best way to spend long weekends here in Las Vegas. So here, we present to you our dear reader, an outline to best approach these hallowed weekends. Remember this is just a generic outline. Your results may vary.

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Ah yes, day one! Try to time your arrival into Las Vegas as close to 3 pm as possible. Why? Because that’s check in time at the hotels, of course. You can check in lay down, and refresh yourself from a long flight and prepare for the evening ahead. Friday night is the night to go balls to the wall. As always we hope you planned ahead and already have reservations for bottle service at a nightclub such as Hyde Bellagio. If not call Richie at Nightlife Unlocked as soon as you land! Also, make sure to make your restaurant reservations ahead of time for the whole weekend as everyone will be scrambling to eat at all the restaurants. This is also the night to visit the strip clubs such as Spearmint Rhino or Sapphire. The ladies will be energized and full of pep, ready to pulverize your crotch to smithereens!


If you did Friday right then you probably got back to your hotel sometime early Saturday morning. Sun was up and you’re probably not waking up until noon. Have us at Nightlife Unlocked set you up at an IV rejuvenation, so you’re not hung-over and ready for round 2. Also, take this time to relax by the pool and do an activity beyond the strip. Perhaps some machine gun shooting? There are a plethora of options. As for evening time, repeat the Friday night Shenanigans, just change the venue. Did Friday night at Hyde Bellagio? Well then do Saturday at Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay. Did you visit Spearmint Rhino the night before? Well then try Sapphire!


Time for a Pool party! Sundays are optimal for the dayclub as the best pricing is available on Sundays and Mondays in Las Vegas. So wear sunscreen, and make sure to hydrate as that Las Vegas sun can be brutal. Sunday Night is also a wonderful night to go out as most nightclubs will be open and the after-hour clubs will be open extra late.


Almost at the finish line! Take advantage of Monday and the pricing available at almost all nightclubs, dayclubs, strip clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Most people leave by the fourth day of a long weekend. So stick around and bang all those exhausted strippers that are out for a drink by the pool, after working a long weekend. Also, some of the best parties happen Monday nights in Las Vegas. So hit us up so we can point you in the right direction.

Got any more tips and tricks for a long weekend in Las Vegas? Leave a comment below!

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