The Mayfair At Bellagio: Premiering New Years Eve 2020

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Back in July of this year Bellagio lost one its crown jewels, and the last bottle of champagne was sprayed at Hyde Bellagio. As with everything in Las Vegas it wasn’t long before MGM Resorts announced its replacement: The Mayfair Supper Club. Due to open on New Years Eve, not much is known about The Mayfair, but we here at Nightlife Unlocked got the scoop before anyone else. Fair warning, there are spoilers ahead to what the Mayfair Supper Club will bring to the Las Vegas nightlife landscape.

It’s Not a Nightclub (Arnold voice)

            That’s right, the newest addition to the Las Vegas nightclub scene is not a nightclub. The Mayfair is primarily a restaurant that will feature live performances, by world-class performers vetted by MGM Resorts. This will all happen lakeside, and the dancers will have choreography that matches with the Bellagio fountains. Will there be a live band? A DJ? Yes and yes. The idea is to let the night go where it will. If people feel like dancing, there will be dancing. If guests feel like chatting, there will be chatting. This idea is revolutionary. Not seen since the days of the Rat Pack.

All this of course will be targeted to the upper 1% of income earners. Meaning the food won’t be cheap, but it will be delicious. The yet to be unveiled celebrity chef will be creating tableside spectacles to add to the experience. The drinks will be works of art curated to the seasons with a revolving menu. We are salivating just writing this. 

How To Get In

            This aspect of The Mayfair warmed our cold, dead, stripper loving heart. You have to know somebody to make a reservation. Meaning you can’t do it online and there are no table minimums. Either you know somebody or you’re not getting a table. The space is small, which of course means reservations are limited. So your connection better be a good one. Of course Nightlife Unlocked has got you covered, just shoot us an email or call and we will hook it up.

            New Years Eve 2020 will see the opening of The Mayfair and a whole new nightlife concept at Bellagio. The new venue is experimenting with some revolutionary ideas that may change the way nightlife is experienced in Las Vegas. It will be difficult to get a table, expensive, and fun. The Mayfair sounds like everything we love about Las Vegas.

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