The Best Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas EDM Clubs are world renowned, but even the biggest EDM fan likes a little hip-hop from time to time. It is also a question that we are constantly asked about. Where to go when you want to hear some hip-hop? Here is our unofficial list in no particular order.

            1OAK at Mirage

            1OAK is a transplant brand from LA. Because of its lineage, 1OAK boasts the top hip hop DJ’s and artists. It is also known for surprise performances from luminaries such as Jay-Z and Kanye West. This is the place that caters to the upscale clientele who just can't get enough hip-hop. So be ready to spend!

            HYDE at Bellagio

            That’s right Hyde at Bellagio with its breathtaking views of the fountains is one of the finest hip-hop clubs in the world. The last of its kind here in Las Vegas, it is due to close July 6. So get your reservations in ASAP and enjoy the best hip-hop nightclub in Las Vegas one last time.

            DRAIS at Cromwell

            Drais is the only club to feature residencies from some of the biggest Hip-hop artists in the world. TI, Migos, Nelly, and more have all made Drais their home for the next few years. This, of course, means that it is a pricey place to score a table at. But just give Richie a heads up and he’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.


            Each nightclub on the strip does have its occasional hip-hop night. For example, XS at Encore will have Drake, Kaos at Palms will feature Cardi B, or Hakkasan will feature Lil Jon. So let us know what you’re interested in so we can set you up on the right night at the right place.

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