Stay Away! The Absolute Worst Days to Visit Las Vegas Nightclubs and Pool Parties

Stay Away! The Absolute Worst Days to Visit Las Vegas Nightclubs and Pool Parties.

worst day las vegas nightclubs and pool parties

(And Better Alternatives)

            It is not very well known what days to visit Las Vegas nightclubs and pool parties. Every promoter and club company will have you believe that every night is the best night. But we here at Nightlife Unlocked are letting the cat out of the bag and telling our loyal readers exactly what days/nights to avoid at which places, and what days to fire up that credit card. If you follow our advice you’ll not only have the best night of your life, but you’ll do it like a Vegas pro!


Hakkasan, Omnia, XS, Light and any other Mega Club in Vegas

Stay away on Fridays and Saturdays. These are the days where Vegas clubs, in general, make a huge portion of their profits. So every single one of them is out to squeeze every possible dollar out of their victims … err… I mean guests. Prices are outrageous and girl/guy ratios be damned. Just like the Catholic Church, these clubs just need paying souls and they’ll let you in. That mindset creates an atmosphere where the dance floor is nothing but dudes, and the tables are just rich dudes. Dudes, as far as the eye can see. In fact, it’s these nights where most of the promotional pictures are not taken because it’s just not a very sexy environment.


Try this instead:

Every single Vegas club is open throughout the week besides Fridays and Saturdays. These are known as the Industry Nights. These are the nights you want to go. It’s when the prices are reasonable for bottle service (well, about as reasonable as Vegas gets). And more importantly, its when the women come out to really let their hair down. These are the nights when it’s quite normal to find five women for every guy in the club. Oh, and these women are Vegas 8’s and above. If you don’t know what I mean by that, that sentence was not for you. If you absolutely must see an artist that’s playing on a Friday or Saturday, plan ahead. Most of these artists play a weekday at least once a month and plan your trip around that.


Day clubs, Pool Parties (or whatever you prefer to call them)

Stay away on Saturdays. That’s it. It’s that simple. The going rate for a reservation at a pool club on a Saturday is your first- born child. Just kidding, but that kind of pricing is not far from the truth. Eye gouging prices for Saturdays is an understatement. This is because almost 90 percent of profits for pool clubs are made on Saturday. Not only that, but the lines are classified as a form of torture by the CIA. The mega pools like Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic, stop letting people in once they reach a certain capacity, after a certain time. If you’re not in by then, you’re completely out of luck.

Try this instead: Literally go to a pool club on any other day besides Saturday. The prices are a little more reasonable and the ratio, once again, lean heavily towards the female gender. If you must go to a pool club on Saturday hit up one of the smaller ones like Bare, Liquid, or Go at the Flamingo. Most hotels on the Strip offer an adult hotel pool, and they get pretty lively because most of them are topless; boobs and booze usually make for a good time.


Any other Las Vegas Nightclubs and Pool Party Pro Tips you’d like to share? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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