Where Should I go Tonight for the Best Las Vegas Nightclubs?!

Where Should I go Tonight for the Best Las Vegas Nightclubs?!

Las Vegas Nightclubs

The Best Las Vegas Nightclubs are open seven nights a week. If you’re smart and followed our advice, you find yourself looking to party Sunday through Thursday. So without further ado here are where to go on which nights in Las Vegas (that aren’t Friday and Saturday, because everything is open on those nights. Duh).


Every week SunDrais (as it’s called in the industry) is one of the biggest parties on the strip. A celebrity magnet, it’s quite common to party with music as well as movie stars every Sunday night at Drais. So gold diggers, get your shovels!


Marquee Monday is not just a favorite among alliteration lovers. On Mondays, Marquee features the best DJ’s and entertainers in the world. The crowd is beautiful and the venue basically makes Monday an extension of the weekend.


Hyde Nightclub is the best party on a Tuesday night. It also features the best girl guy ratio in the city. So if you’re into ladies that like to party, Hyde is the only place to be on a Tuesday.

Omnia: This is the night to go to Omnia to get a reservation for less than half the price of a weekend table. So you’ll only be losing your second- born child.


Light Nightclub fires up its best live performers (think Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris) and celebrity DJ roster on Wednesday to make sure everyone in the city is there. Wednesdays at Light is also a celebrity magnet as it’s the only mega club open.


Hakkasan regularly schedules its superstar DJs on Thursdays. This makes it the night to go watch Tiesto or Calvin Harris. But make sure to plan ahead of time as they do sell out on those nights.

Keep in mind new clubs open every so often, and industry nights change depending on special events weekends etc. So, for now, these are the best place to go on these nights but we’ll update the list as time goes on.

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