The Truth About Las Vegas Nightclubs and Restaurants

The Truth About Las Vegas Nightclubs and Restaurants

Before you hit the club for a night out in Las Vegas, a hearty dinner is necessary. A good dinner slows the alcohol absorption process, which keeps the evening from ending early, and of course who doesn’t enjoy a delicious dinner from world-renowned chefs in a beautiful environment? Most nightclubs here in Vegas have a closely related restaurant that is either owned by the same company or is simply in close proximity to the nightclub. Although all of them are overpriced, there are some that are simply better than others for a variety of reasons. So here we present to you the honest truth about some of the most requested nightclubs in Las Vegas, their respective restaurants and whether it’s worth the trip beforehand.

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Nightclub: Hyde Bellagio

Related Restaurant: Lago by Julian Serrano

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Lago shares the same Bellagio Fountain View as Hyde. So if you’d like to experience the fountains before your night begins this is a perfect spot. Featuring small plates, you won’t walk out feeling bloated. This restaurant is also only a few feet away from the VIP entrance to Hyde Bellagio. The best part? If we book your reservation at Lago and Hyde, Nightlife Unlocked will hold your table reservation at Hyde so you don’t have to hurry through dinner.


Nightclub: Hakkasan

Related Restaurant: Hakkasan Restaurant

Is it worth it? Yes. The fact that its in the same building as the nightclub makes Hakkasan Restaurant worth a visit before heading to your table reservation. Nightlife Unlocked will walk you through a special doorway into the nightclub so you don’t have to bother with crowds outside. The food is mediocre though the presentation is stupendous. The plating alone makes a meal here Instagram worthy. However, it is simply extremely overpriced Chinese food. As long as you’re ok with that, then, by all means, go for it.


Nightclub: Omnia

Related Restaurant: Seersucker

Is it worth it? No. Seersucker is not only overpriced, the menu is boring, the décor is lacking, and eating there offers no advantage in getting into Omnia. Also, with the plethora of better choices at Caesars Palace in similar proximity to Omnia makes this an easy place to skip.


Nightclub: XS

Related Restaurant: Jardin

Is it worth it? Yes. The place is simply beautiful. Whether in the open-air patio or inside the main dining area, dining here will inspire a social media post or two. Although the food is unremarkable at first glance and described as “comfort food”, the menu is creatively executed and delicious. Also if you talk to Nightlife Unlocked beforehand and let us book your reservations at both the restaurant and Nightclub, we’ll tell you the secret to skipping the line at XS.


Nightclub: Marquee

Related Restaurant: Beauty and Essex

Is it worth it? Yes. This is the one restaurant that isn’t really near its parent nightclub. However, the food is delicious and the décor is inventive. The high-end pawnshop gimmick although tacky allows for some curiously fun browsing before and after dinner. Definitely, a must, if you’re group is getting a table at Marquee.

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