Guide to Tipping in Las Vegas Nightclubs  

The Official Guide to Tipping in Las Vegas Nightclubs

Tipping is not a city in China, but a very important part of Las Vegas nightlife. However, every night that we are out, we find that people are sometimes confused about proper tipping etiquette. Especially when it comes to bottle service. This is not surprising as Las Vegas nightlife can be dizzying, to say the least. So here we present the official Nightlife Unlocked guide to tipping in Las Vegas when you purchase bottle service.


Las Vegas Nightclub Tipping

Who: Waitress

When: At the end of the night

Where: Inside the nightclub under a flashlight in the presence of a friend that represents your interests and security cameras

How: At the end of the night once you’ve drunk yourself blind, a beautiful woman will make you do math and ask for money. So be wary and make sure that her tip hasn’t already been added to the bill (as most clubs tend to do). In that case, your only duty is to sign the check and walk away. If that tip hasn’t been added, make sure you give her the appropriate amount (usually 20% if she did a good job and your drink never went dry) add it up, and walk away. Oh yeah and much like Medusa, don’t look at her directly in the eye while you’re doing this. It’s a trap and you’ll end giving her way more money than she deserves. You might also turn to stone. Don’t risk it.

Who: Nightclub Busser

When: Pros tip these guys at the beginning of the night

Where: Inside the club

How: As soon as you walk in make sure to slip these guys their tip because they will keep your section clean and well stocked. Do it discreetly, and they’ll keep your area running smoothly all night long. If they do a good job, feel free to tip them again at the end of the night. These guys are the workhorses of the nightclub and keep the place running smoothly. They also, help with bringing girls(or guys) to your table.

Who: Your VIP Host

When: Discreetly, initially upon meeting them.

Where: Wherever it is that you meet up with them

When: At the beginning of the night and at the end if the evening was memorable

How: Make sure you’re discreet when tipping your VIP host, and feel free to ask if you have any questions about how much. You can be open and honest about expectations as your VIP Host is the most important person for your trip to Vegas. Remember: Tip well before a service and you’ll save a few bucks. Tip Generously and you’ll have a transformative experience.

Bonus Round: Who to avoid tipping

  1. Anyone on a Casino floor who isn’t a waitress who just brought you a drink for sticking money into a slot machine. It raises too many questions, and the people that ask them are the kinds that break fingers. With hammers.
  2. Anyone on the street on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s usually a scam.
  3. A stripper outside a strip club. You’ll go to jail.

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