The Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in Las Vegas

The Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in Las Vegas

That’s right, it is Halloween season here in Las Vegas and that means two things for the nightclubs: Great parties and very scantily clad women from around the world. It seems like everyone is having a party these days, but we here at Nightlife Unlocked have you covered. We hereby present to you the best places to celebrate Halloween in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Nightclubs Halloween

Any Pool Club

Thank you global warming! That’s right it’s still warm here in Las Vegas in the month of October. That means you have one last chance for a pool party and this is the weekend to do it. There is always a huge influx of women into the city for this weekend, and more importantly, this is the only place in the entire hemisphere that still has the weather and the pool clubs equipped to handle them. So bring your costume and your swim shorts to Vegas!

Hyde Bellagio

This year Hyde Bellagio is hosting the biggest Halloween party in Las Vegas. But beware! There is a strict admittance policy of only ladies and buyers. That means you’ll only be allowed in if you’re a lady or if you’re buying bottles. And no, if you dress up like a woman they won’t let you in. Nice try.

LIGHT Nightclub at Mandalay Bay

            Light Nightclub will be sponsoring the sexiest Halloween costume contest with the biggest cash prize in Las Vegas. The contestants are already lining up to score what could potentially be life changing money. Oh, and these contestants are of the Double D variety. The contest itself will include some of the hottest women on the planet. The best seats to watch the contest will, of course, be reserved for the bottle buyers, and usually, the ladies are keen to share some drinks with those gentlemen after.

Bonus Round: The party to avoid
Fetish and Fantasy Ball at Hard Rock

            What was once an institution has become a lame reflection of what once was. Due to the local law enforcement cracking down on nudity and “indecency”, the Fetish and Fantasy Ball now has almost no fetish or fantasy. Attendance is down, and most people that attend usually wind up there by mistake. In fact, the future of the event has been called into question. So avoid at all costs.

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