Best way to spend $1,000 in Las Vegas

Vegas Pool Parties

One of the first things we ask our guests when they call us is “What’s your budget?”. And realistically $1,000 is the starting price for an epic night in Las Vegas. But with so many choices available, we here at Las Vegas Unlocked are here to narrow the field down for you. So here are a few suggestions from our archives.

            HYDE Bellagio

            Hyde is down to its last week. The epic party is winding down and you only have a handful of nights until its gone forever. Bottles start at $550 but let us know and we’ll cut you a killer deal. Enjoy the epic party, the girls, and the view one last time.

            Range 702

            For $1,000 you can shoot almost every gun at Range 702. That buys a lot of rounds. But if you don’t want to blow all your money there you can always opt for one of smaller packages. Either way you can get the Arnold Schwarzenegger out of your system.

            Maverick Helicopter Tours

            You’ll never experience Las Vegas like this. Flying with Maverick we can set you up with one of the most gorgeous tours of the city. Don’t want to do Las Vegas? You can take a flying tour of the Grand Canyon, and see it in all its majesty. And with our special pricing you’ll still have enough money left over for a dinner in a 5 star restaurant.

            Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

            The biggest strip club in the world is in our opinion the best place to spend $1,000. Buy a bottle and blow the rest on beautiful women and chicken fingers. Oh yeah and we’ll make sure to get you picked up in limo for the extra VIP treatment Strippers, booze, and chicken fingers. I believe that’s what heaven is made of. And just in case you want to do the Sapphire pool club, which is known to get even crazier than the strip club, let us know!

            So there you go, a beginners guide to a night out in Vegas. One Thousand dollars is pretty standard for a night out in Vegas but the sky is the limit. We are also more than happy to make specialized plans and events for your group or party. So feel free to holler at Nightlife Unlocked before your next trip to the City of Sin.

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