Best Kept VIP Table Secrets in Las Vegas

VIP in Las Vegas (especially at the nightclubs) is cliché at this point. Everyone from the bachelorette party with the 250 lb. bachelorette, to the group of 16 men who all chipped in to buy one bottle at Hakkasan, all think they are VIP. But the reality is VIP means one of two things in Las Vegas. You are either spending a lot of money, or you are famous enough to be paid to be VIP. Other than that, the reality is you aren’t VIP. However, there are some places in Vegas where you can be VIP without spending $50,000 on overpriced alcohol in one night. Just remember to tip the right people and you’ll be all right. So here (much to the chagrin of the Las Vegas Nightclub management companies) is the official list of where to go, how much to spend, and what to do, to get the VIP experience without breaking the bank.


This place is brilliant. It’s really three nightclubs in one, and it has a hidden speakeasy in case you need a more intimate place to chat. Do a two bottle minimum spend here and tip your VIP host $100 to guarantee an amazing experience. All in, you’re looking at $1500 and you are legitimately a member of the VIP elite. Make sure you don’t have more than 6 people in your group though. Otherwise you wont have enough booze to go around.


This is hands down the best nightclub in Las Vegas. It has a sexy crowd, a sexy sound, and the best view in Las Vegas. And sadly as of July 7, it will be closing, so buy your tables here while you still can. At HYDE BELLAGIO the magic number is three. Get a three bottle minimum, and tip your host $100 in cash for the best time you’ll have in a long time. Hold on to $40 for the girl guy, and he’ll bring two rounds of good-looking ladies to your table.


For that Mega Club feeling, Light Nightclub is the way to go. Big sound, big lights, and the bottle presentations to go with it, this is the mega club experience at a quarter of the price. Do a four bottle minimum, tip your host a solid Benjamin, and you’re on your way to a good time. Make sure to check whom the DJ is and avoid any night when “Saweetie” is performing (she sucks), and you’re guaranteed to have a night worthy of a few Instagram posts.


            One of the most beautiful spaces in Las Vegas; Intrigue is on its way out, through no fault of its own. Check the dates and the entertainment, as this place has tier one performers/ DJ’s on a nightly basis, you just have to time it right. Also, make sure to hit up Richie at Nightlife Unlocked ahead of time and he’ll get you a solid deal. Just be prepared to tip a few hundred in cash. You have been warned.

            So remember these places the next time you want to go VIP. Beat the system and don’t be afraid to tip in cash. Because like Wu-Tang said, “Cash rules everything around me, CREAM! Get the money! Dollar, Dollar bills y’all!” in other words be ready to tip and the world is your oyster.

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