Bare Pool is the Best and Most Exclusive Pool Party in Las Vegas

Bare Pool Mirage

Everyone has heard of Encore Beach Club, and Wet Republic when it comes to the Las Vegas Pool Party. However, the latest hidden gem to emerge from Las Vegas is the newly redone Bare Pool Lounge at Mirage. The intimate oasis has been revamped and is one of the most exciting places to party on a weekend afternoon. What makes Bare Pool lounge so exciting?

The VIP area is probably the sexiest spot in Las Vegas. It is not uncommon to see the sexiest of nymphs frolicking in the water with nothing but the skimpiest of bikinis on (if you can even call them bikinis). Sometimes those nubile nymphs also happen to be famous. Which leads us to the next part…

Photos are prohibited. That’s right, Bare pool is one of the only places where a guest will have absolute privacy. Due to the no photo rule, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities living it up as only the knowledge of privacy will allow. The same rule allows most people (including beautiful women) to really cut loose like no other place in Las Vegas. In other words, the parties here are legendary. And its one of the few places where what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

And oh yeah IT’S THE ONLY TOPLESS PARTY POOL ON THE STRIP. You read that right. There’s simply no other place on the Las Vegas strip that combines bare boobs with a pool party atmosphere. Seriously, go ahead and check. See? Told you! In case you missed it, I’ll say it one more time: IT’S THE ONLY TOPLESS PARTY POOL ON THE STRIP. No matter what it takes for you to witness this grandiose creation of topless-isity, make sure you get here to see the only place in the world like this.

            So yes every pool club in Las Vegas has booze, daybeds, and cabanas. But Bare shines above the typical pool club by providing a unique experience in an intimate environment. Nowhere else on the strip can you party with half-naked women in one of the sexiest VIP Areas in the world. So feel free to hit up Nightlife Unlocked and book that Daybed at Bare Pool Lounge.

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