Sapphire Las Vegas Pool and Dayclub

5 Things We Learned Partying at Sapphire Las Vegas Pool and Dayclub


Here at Nightlife Unlocked we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the Las Vegas party scene. So when we got an invite to party at Sapphire Las Vegas Pool Club this weekend, we jumped at the chance. It was a life-changing two days, and here are the five most important things we learned.

Sapphire Las Vegas

1. IT’S TOPLESS!!!!!!!!

Our jaws dropped as we walked in and saw countless, topless women wearing only earrings and sunglasses above the waist. As of June 2018 tops are optional at Sapphire Pool and Dayclub. The variety was mindboggling. More importantly, it wasn’t just entertainers that were tanning topless. Many female guests took full advantage of the new policy to get rid of those pesky tan lines. Oh yeah, and they were all breathtakingly beautiful.

2. It’s a celebrity hot spot

At first, we didn’t notice the number of celebrities spending their afternoon at Sapphire. Upon closer inspection almost every headlining DJ that was spinning at various clubs later that evening were present. The next day we noticed a few singers and a film star in the VIP area. Extremely inconspicuous, we were surprised at the discretion of the staff, and patrons showed these VIPs. As the party went on, most guests were unaware that they were in the presence of extremely famous people. Except for us, because we have been training for decades with Buddhist monks on celebrity spotting.

3. This was the wildest party we have ever seen

Maybe it’s the sheer amount of women, or it could be the freedom to let boobs run wild in their natural environment, but whatever it was, this was hands down the most intense party we have ever been to. Sapphire Pool and Dayclub officially beat all the famous Las Vegas pool parties and nightclubs. Everywhere the light touched there was something else. Everything from giant gold champagne bottles being presented to writhing half-naked groups of women, to people dancing on daybeds, if we ever imagined it, it was happening at that very moment. We walked out of Sapphire Pool Club exhausted from simply observing. Reader beware!

4. The VIP Areas are wonderful

We were lucky enough to experience Sapphire Pool and Dayclub from the comfort of a VIP area. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice and comfortable it was. The VIP area easily compares to mega resort VIP areas but at a fraction of the price, which leads us to our next point.

5. It’s surprisingly affordable to go VIP

Sapphire Dayclub is not only providing one of the best party environments, with easily the best looking crowd in Las Vegas. It is also doing it at a fraction of the price of other pool and day clubs in Las Vegas. Please do not misunderstand, this does not mean that it is cheap, it’s simply less expensive than other places but ten times better. So on your next visit to Vegas when you’re busy planning your pool day with Richie at Nightlife Unlocked, make sure to make Sapphire a must.








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