Best Bars Inside a Las Vegas Nightclub

Las Vegas Nightclubs & Pool Party

The Best Bars Inside a Las Vegas Nightclub


We are going to take a small detour from our usual Las Vegas Nightclub, bottle service, and DJ douchebaggery and focus on an overlooked yet crucial part of every Las Vegas Nightclub. That’s right, we’re going to share what nightclubs have the best bars. For the purposes of this list, we will focus on ease of getting drinks, and social atmosphere.

First off we have the Living Room at Intrigue Nightclub. Definitely, for a more refined palate, the Living Room features a DJ spinning actual vinyl separate from the main club DJ, and an atmosphere that lends itself to socialization. Not only that, the bartenders inside are more attentive and can concoct libations that take more time than just your usual cranberry vodka. Feel free to bring a date here or just enjoy the view.

Las Vegas Nightclubs & Pool PartySecond, there’s the Ling Ling Lounge inside Hakkasan(pictured). This lounge located deep within the cavernous walls of Hakkasan is actually kind of hard to find. So feel free to ask for directions. Once you do find it you’ll be treated to a small lounge playing an eclectic mix that incorporates everything from EDM to old school hip hop. It is a nice respite from the wild Hakkasan main room.

Lastly, we will mention the bar at Sapphire Gentlemen’s club as one of the best simply because there’s no comparison. Always overstaffed it is incredibly easy to get a drink here and the working strippers seem to gravitate to the bar. Yes, more so than any other bar in any other strip club. As a result, many a customer will find himself in the most interesting conversation with the most beautiful women on any given night. The main bar at Sapphire seems to have a magic all its own, and one well worth exploring on your next trip to Las Vegas.


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