Top 3 Reasons to visit KAOS at Palms

Top 3 Reasons to visit KAOS at Palms: The New Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas

There’s a brand new nightclub in Las Vegas and its KAOS at Palms. And yeah it’s got a crazy roster of resident DJ’s, artists, and Instagram influencers. But we here at Nightlife Unlocked have gotten a sneak peek into the bright diamond that is KAOS and here are the three reasons you should visit.

Reason 1: Calling all Size Queens!

Cardi B!

Cardi B!

Yes that’s right Cardi B has a residency in KAOS at Palms and I bet you thought this was reason number one. We figured the words queen and Cardi B kind of went well together. But the number one reason is to see the biggest penis you’ve ever seen in your life. Though, we’re pretty sure Cardi B mentions huge penises in a few of her songs. Anyway, the giant penis is attached to the 60-foot tall, $14 Million statue of a demon at KAOS Dayclub pool. The statue by British artist Damien Hirst is the first of its kind in Vegas. Oh and in case you were wondering, the statue is uncircumcised. Those crazy Brits!

Reason 2: KAOS intends to compete with XS at Encore

A little known fact is that most of the people running KAOS came from XS nightclub at Encore. So they’re taking a page from the Wynn playbook and emulating the operations, and marketing from the grandpapi of the luxury clubs. The biggest news is that they're going to go head-to-head and compete with Nightswim at XS with a KAOS branded nighttime pool party every Sunday. That means KAOS will be bringing out the big guns of performers and throwing everything they can to compete against one of the most successful reoccurring parties in the last ten years. It will be an epic showdown! May the best pool party Wynn…err… we mean win.

Reason 3: KAOS will have the most advanced lighting and sound tech in the world

That’s right, if you hate your eardrums and would like lasers built for the Pentagon but used by a guy wearing a paint bucket as a light up hat (Marshmellow), KAOS is the place for you! The tech that went into this place is revolutionary and is rumored to have first strike capability in case those North Koreans get any ideas. But for now, go catch Cardi B rapping about huge penii (or penises if that’s more your flavor) with the most advanced lighting and sound design ever constructed.

Bonus Round: KAOS is going to be expensive

As the new hot nightclub in Las Vegas expect to pay through the nose for a table at KAOS nightclub. However Nightlife Unlocked has your back with the best prices and the insider knowledge to get you in at KAOS. So hit us up ASAP, for KAOS so we can get you in! #ASAPforKAOS

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