10 Facts You Might Not Know About Las Vegas Nightclubs and Dayclubs

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Las Vegas Nightclubs and Dayclubs


Las Vegas Nightclubs

Nightlife Unlocked surveyed 400 industry employees who work in nightlife or pool clubs if they would like to share any industry secret or quirk they know about Las Vegas Nightclubs. Here are the best answers:

1.) If your mission is to talk/meet girls, then the best table at the nightclub for your group is going to be the table closest to the women’s bathroom. You should see every girl in the club at least once. And if your game is on, you should talk to quite a few of them!

2.) If you’re a girl partying at Light nightclub and you’re “invited to party in the green room”. Just Don’t.

3.) On a hot summer day, you may be tempted to use one of the water fountains at Encore Beach Club. Don’t, they ooze boiling hot condensation masked for water.  We suggest just going back to your table and ordering a cold Fiji water from your waitress. What if you don’t have a table? Get one.

4.) Do you know of anyone that has had the legendary Spearmint Rhino chicken fingers sober, at a decent hour of the day? We don’t know of anyone either. Let’s keep it that way pls.

5.) It’s been said that if you are a Guy, the best chances of taking a girl home from the club are at Hyde, then Tao, Marquee, Light, and Chateau in that order. This fact was given to us by someone from Hyde.

6.) Have you ever been S*it faced and found yourself admiring the multimillion-dollar laser, light, and smoke show at Marquee? It is all controlled by one person with an Ipad.

7.) We all know the line from Swingers “They are gonna give Daddy the Rainman suite”.  Well unfortunately in order to even be considered for a comp table at a Vegas nightclub or dayclubs on the strip, a player must gamble with, at the very least, $500,000 per stay. So if that is not how you are rolling on that trip, don’t bother asking a Casino Host for a comp.

8.) A secret 16 oz bottle of watermelon juice mixer is placed under every table at Hyde Bellagio. Unfortunately, the mixer can’t be ordered at the bar, it is only available to guests with a table. When mixed properly, it makes the most delicious shots!

9.) At the time of this article, marijuana is legalized in Las Vegas, however, it is still not allowed in any nightclub or dayclub on the strip. If a person is caught with marijuana they will be immediately ejected from the property.  Can’t get any worse than that.  Oh wait, they keep your marijuana as well.

10.) No matter how much you tip her, she’s not going to sleep with you.  Save the cash for the strip clubs.  Never-mind, they won’t sleep with you either.

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