Nightlife Unlocked Presents: The Keys to the Perfect Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

The perfect bachelor party weekend has to be done just right. Reader beware! This list is not for the faint of heart. This is a guide for the bold, unafraid to have an unforgettable Vegas bachelor party weekend. This is for the group who not only wants to do it right, but who want to create stories that will be passed down to the generations that follow.

A Vegas bachelor party weekend consists of four primary ingredients:

  1. The Nightclub
  2. The Dayclub (AKA the Pool Club)
  3. The Sober Group Activity (AKA The Alibi)
  4. The Stripclub (Crucial)

Vegas Bachelor Party


The Nightclub

Las Vegas nightclubs are legendary. It is where the most beautiful people in the world go to drink and socialize. But as with everything it has to be done right. Always make sure to get bottle service. Without it, a Vegas bachelor party resembles a flock of wandering middle schoolers. Bottle service glams up an evening. It provides a place to entertain and sit. Not to mention any ladies that might follow the group of gentlemen because they just got to skip a two-hour wait to get in. But not all clubs are equal on all nights. Even the hottest clubs have evenings that should be avoided. We here at Nightlife Unlocked know the best nights to go to the best nightclubs. So go on and feel free to ask.


The Dayclub

Every Vegas bachelor party weekend must include a Dayclub. There is simply nothing like it in the world. The crowds are hot, and the barely visible bikini is the norm. All pool clubs in Vegas cater the entertainment, and even who gets into the Dayclubs around the bottle service customers. So bottle service is a must. However, reservations are extremely limited and they go fast. Planning ahead is necessary, and Vegas Unlocked can get the most coveted spots at the best Dayclubs in Vegas.


The Sober Activity (AKA The Alibi)

At this point in any Vegas bachelor party weekend the groom and his men have had a day and night filled with beautiful women, and more alcohol than a hobo on nickel shot night. So it is vital to have a day of recovery. This day can also serve as a wonderful time to take plenty of non- incriminating pictures to show to all the girlfriends, moms, and wives back home. Nightlife Unlocked will be happy to book unique activities such as helicopter tours that land in the Grand Canyon, to gun range times where the groomsmen can train like a black ops operative. These activities will be the ones mentioned in public settings, so it is important to take lots of pictures so no one is the wiser.


The Strip Club

And finally, no Vegas bachelor party weekend is complete without the strip club. This is where the wild things are. Not only does Vegas boast the biggest strip clubs with the most beautiful women in the world, but Nightlife Unlocked will arrange door to door service from the hotel to the club. From there the Bachelor party will be whisked to one of a plethora of VIP experiences sure to blow minds. These VIP experiences can include everything from a booth where the ladies are picked from a lineup, to a private room overlooking the center stage. But as always the most important thing to remember is, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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