Las Vegas Nightclubs Endangered Species

Las Vegas Nightclubs Endangered Species

Las Vegas Nightclubs Jobs

Visitors to Las Vegas Nightclubs are used to the glitz and glamour of the people working each night to bring them an unforgettable experience. Each night there is an entire army of people who are paid to make sure that every moment goes off without a hitch. Some of these jobs are quite unique to Vegas but recently; due to a changing nightlife landscape some jobs have become increasingly rare. Like endangered species, some are quite high profile and we are sad to see them go. So without further ado here are the top 3 endangered jobs in Las Vegas Nightclubs.

The Las Vegas Showgirl:

There was a time in Las Vegas where the Showgirl was everywhere. They were the centerpieces of nightlife on the Las Vegas strip. In recent years most of these showgirls have needed to learn new skills just to keep up with the changing times. Even the late night booby shows that once featured these strikingly beautiful ladies have closed (much to our dismay). Some have become bottle presentation girls waiting in halogen-lit hallways for a big bottle order at a nightclub for hours on end, just to shake their well-formed tushes for a few brief seconds. Others have skipped straight to the top of the Las Vegas entertainment hierarchy and work the “good” shift at the Spearmint Rhino. These are our favorites, and the ones we’re most familiar with.

The Door Guy:

There was a time when a man could make a career of being a professional door guy in Las Vegas. Nowadays with VIP Host teams, promoters, guest lists, online sales, multiple points of entry, etc. this position is all but gone. Mega Clubs like Light Nightclub or Hakkasan Nightclub wouldn’t be able to make a profit if they depended on one guy to properly process, ID, and funnel 5,000 people through a single door. So even though there still are big scary security guys ready to tackle a guest at a moments notice all over a nightclub, the idea of the door guy is a long forgotten memory of a time before the Internet.

The Mood Director:

The mood director was the guy that would get on the microphone and get a crowd going every night. As time went on, clubs realized that they were not only unnecessary but in some cases, just straight up annoying. Also, the introduction of the star DJ (Think Calvin Harris or Deadmau5) made the mood director’s place glaringly unnecessary as crowds no longer needed priming as they were already excited for the celebrity DJ. These men were then forced to get regular old jobs like dentists, and pediatricians. Just Kidding, most of them went on to become bussers or hosts.


Are there any more jobs you can think of that no longer exist in Las Vegas? Feel free to comment below!

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