Which Las Vegas DJ’s Should You See?

Which Las Vegas DJ’s Should You See?

Las Vegas nightclubs boast the most extensive list of entertainers and DJ’s in the world. Nightclubs charge exorbitant amounts whenever these big names play because they command 6 figure fees per night. On most nights many of these big names overlap, and the question arises “Which Las Vegas DJ’s should I see?” Time is precious and Vegas time is even more precious, so here we submit our humble opinion on which DJ’s are worth the trip and which ones you should skip.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas DJ'sArtist: Calvin Harris
Opinion: Skip

Reason: Calvin Harris night anywhere is going to be ridiculously expensive because he’s one of the most expensive DJ’s in the world. Unfortunately, his sound is generic, and there really isn’t anything exceptional about his sets. He is a magnificent producer that writes and produces catchy tunes, but as a DJ there’s nothing special here. Especially not for the price.

Tiesto Las Vegas DJ'sArtist: Tiesto
Opinion: Must See

Reason: The granddaddy of EDM, no two Tiesto sets are the same. Not only that, but because he’s been around so long and produced for so many people, unexpected artists arrive and perform with him. We were once lucky enough to see Tiesto spin Hip-Hop with Lil Jon performing, and it was amazing. Even after all these years Tiesto still sets the standard.

Diplo Las Vegas DJ'sArtist: Diplo
Opinion: Must See

Reason: Wesley Pentz gets points for originality. He never plays a prerecorded set, and sometimes things get downright weird. But the reality is this DJ’s milkshake brings all the girls to the yard. Any night he plays you can expect a 5 to 1 ratio of women to men. And usually, these women leave their morals along with their panties at home.

Steve Aoki las VegasArtist: Steve Aoki
Opinion: Skip, unless in a small venue

Reason: The thing with Aoki is, he isn’t much of a DJ. He’s more famous for his performances where he throws cake and champagne in fans adoring faces and rides an inflatable raft on the crowd. The music is changing while he’s on the raft and no one is behind the decks so it’s obvious the music and sets are prerecorded. But the spectacle is entertaining. So if you really must see this, make sure to see Aoki in a small venue or nightclub.

Chainsmokers Las Vegas DJ'sArtists: Chainsmokers
Opinion: Skip

Reason: These guys have the most predictable sets of all DJ’s in Vegas. If you’ve seen them perform once, it’s the exact same show every time and everywhere. Regardless of whether in a nightclub or a pool club the sets, bass drops, and even song list do not change. If you’re an EDM fan you’re better off seeing them in a festival setting since it’s the exact show as the nightclub with bigger visuals. Definitely a skip.

Marshmello Las VegasArtist: Marshmellow
Opinion: Must see

Reason: A newer entry into the superstar DJ world, this guy has consistently proven to be fun. His sets are sprinkled with a huge variety of music not just EDM. This sets the tone for a very fun atmosphere in any venue that he plays. If you get the chance, get yourself a table and enjoy the show.

Bonus Round:
DJ Vice, DJ Five, DJ Konflict, DJ Miles

These are some of the most talented and Underrated DJ’s in Las Vegas. If they’re playing at a nightclub or pool while you’re in Vegas, consider it a must see! Any other DJ’s you can think of that are worth seeing in Vegas? Leave a comment below

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