Las Vegas Dayclubs & Nightlife Return For Summer 2020

Marquee Dayclub Las Vegas

The Covid-19 pandemic forced Las Vegas nightlife to do something they’ve never done before...

They closed their doors! 

As you know, it's not just Las Vegas nightclubs that are effected.

The entire Las Vegas strip closed because of Covid-19.

However, in recent weeks, people realized Covid-19 isn't as deadly as first thought.

So now, more and more Las Vegas businesses are beginning to open.

And thankfully, this includes Las Vegas hotels, casinos and clubs! 

Las Vegas Dayclubs and Nightlife Re-Opening!

For example, Marquee Dayclub opens on June 19 for daybed and cabana reservations only. It's open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Also, Intrigue is now Intrigue Lounge and it’s open for hotel guests only.

There will be music, but no DJ playing. Also, it’s recommended to make reservations.

If you've been to Intrigue before, you know the wonderful setup it has and even that multi-color waterfall.

This scene may make Intrigue a great lounge for Las Vegas nightlife.

Encore Beach Club is reopened as Encore Beach Pool.

It's open on the weekends, Friday through Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

If you’re a guest at that hotel, you can enjoy the Encore Beach Pool scene without needing to reserve a cabana or daybed. However, if you’re not a guest at Encore Wynn, you need to book a daybed or cabana to go to the pool.

But not all Vegas clubs are so lucky.

Mayfair Supper Club had to close because an employee tested positive for Covid-19.

So while more and more Las Vegas dayclubs and businesses are opening, they’re not quite the same as it was “pre-covid”.

This may be disappointing for both residents of Las Vegas and tourists, but it’s only temporary! 

Use this opportunity to explore new places and uncover hidden gems you never knew existed before!  

Within every challenge is the seed of an equal or greater benefit! 

And right now, with many Las Vegas dayclubs and nightclubs closed, the ones open may be busier than expected.

This is good if you’re looking to party and meet cool people! 

So while Las Vegas nightlife appears to be making a slow comeback, there’s still many opportunities to party and enjoy your time here! 

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