EDC Las Vegas 2018 Tips and Tricks

EDC Las Vegas 2018 Tips and Tricks


EDC Las Vegas has returned for 2018, and we have all the tips and tricks to help with the preparation. There’s less than a week left, so we wrote this guide to prepare those who are going for the first time. Our first recommendation is arriving in Las Vegas a day ahead. Coming a day ahead can help avoid having to rush and missing some of the events. They’re also events taking place during EDC weekend that can help keep you occupied arriving early to Las Vegas. We recommend checking out David Guetta at XS at Encore on May.17.2018. This will be a pool party event worth checking out. The event starts at 10:00 pm, the price for men is $60.00 while woman pay only $30.00 for the cover charge.


What to wear at EDC?

There are no restrictions other than to not wear anything that encourages hate or negativity. People are welcome to express themselves with their imagination when it comes to dressing up. Avoiding anything offensive is essential. People will be trading candy. Candy are beaded bracelets made ahead of time. It can be fun trading candies with strangers and is a great icebreaker getting to know people.


What to wear to EDC for guys and woman?

Since the event will run until 6:00 am in the morning, we recommend bringing a jacket because it can get cold. It’s forecast to reach around 66 degrees at about 6:00 am and 90 degrees during the midafternoon. We don’t recommend dressing in too many clothes during the afternoon to avoid overheating. Woman are known for wearing with little to no clothing. However, nipples must be covered up with at least tape, tape over the nipples while exposing their breast is very popular among woman at EDC.


EDC Set Times tips and tricks.

We recommend downloading the official Insomniac EDC app to keep track of set times for EDC. There is an app available for both Apple and Android smartphones These apps both have excellent feedback and are very useful because set times can be changed. The Insomniac app will help keep track of all the DJs your planning on seeing and it notifies you if there are any changes.


Additional EDC tips and tricks.

We recommend bringing snacks with you inside the event. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the most recommended as they will keep you full. Also, make sure to stay hydrated from the heat. It was so hot last year is the reason why EDC was pushed a month earlier this year. EDC is currently sold out if you do not have a ticket we recommend only buying from an official EDC ticket exchange to avoid being scammed. Just because you buy a ticket from someone on letgo or offerup and activate it doesn’t mean the original buyer can’t cancel it. Buying from the official EDC ticket exchange will protect you from becoming a scam victim.


Lastly, bring an external charger to charge your smart. EDC is full of magic, so be sure to keep your phone charged to capture all of them!


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