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How To Get On A Free Las Vegas Guest List

Las Vegas nightclubs with in-demand DJs are very difficult to get in, so it’s important to know how to avoid hours of waiting in line and hassles. There are different entry options to consider for Las Vegas nightclubs.

  • Do what everyone else does: Pay cover

Most nightclub goers choose to stand in line and pay the cover to gain entry.  This is the slowest option, especially for guys.  You may wait up to 2 hours to get in depending on the DJ that night

  • Purchase Tickets in advanced

For those experienced in travel planning, contacting an agency for presale tickets may be the best option for stress-free club access.  Tickets allows you to skip the long lines and guarantee your entry – just arrive before midnight and you should be good to go.

Buying club tickets in advance is the best way to get into a Vegas club if you are not doing VIP bottle service.

  • VIP Options and Bottle Service

One of the more expensive options that guarantee club entry is with a VIP package.  You will be provided seating with a minimum spend on alcohol and/or food.  The club will require a credit card be held to ensure the minimum spend that will be charged that amount whether or not the food/beverage orders reach that total.  The premier seating locations come with a higher minimum spend.  These VIP options usually include booth tables away from or elevated above the crowd.   Read more about vegas bottle service and see if it is the right thing for your group.


Let’s take a look at some of the club prices:

Cover Charge

In general, male guests can expect to spend approximately $50+ as a cover charge. Female guests will be scrutinized for their level of “sexy,” and either be let in for free or be charged a lower cover charge amount than the males—no gender equality here!

Pre Sell Entry Tickets

Tickets range from $10 to $75.  You purchase tickets based on gender and females usually pay $10-$20 less than guys.

Drink Prices

Drink prices are similar to what you can expect to pay for a drink at just about any top restaurant, bar, or day club. A single beer will be around $10, and cocktails from $15 and up.

Bottle Service Prices

VIP service minimums vary based on group size, the location of the table, and the DJ playing that night.  Typical pricing is 1 bottle minimum for 3-4 people on average.  Bottle prices usually start at $500 and can go as high as $30,000 on holiday weekends.  Certain tables and locations generally have a set minimum of $2500 spend up to 8 guests.  Do not forget to factor in tip and taxes which could add up to 30%+ on top of bottles.


Nightclubs in Las Vegas hold guests to a higher dress-code standard than what folks may be used to in hometown bars and clubs.  For Vegas clubs, dress to impress! While formal attire isn’t required, here’s a list of what’s unacceptable at Las Vegas nightclubs:

  • Shorts
  • Sandals
  • Work Boots
  • Baggy jeans
  • Athletic shoes
  • Athletic attire
  • Cutoffs
  • Hats


Around each New Year, several of the DJs in Las Vegas sign contracts to perform exclusively at certain nightclubs 2-4 times per month, some more.  For any first time visitors, EDM is the music genre of choice at these clubs.  Below are some of the top exclusive artists at select nightclubs:


Hakkasan/Omnia/Jewel/Wet Republic – Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Matoma, Zedd, Cash Cash, Martin Garrix

XS/Surrender/Encore Beach Club – David Guetta, Alesso, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Dillion Francis

Marquee – Galantis, DJ Vice, DJ Ruckus, Tritonal

Hyde – DJ Five, Konflict,


The EDM party scene is not for everyone. If you’re looking to go out for drinks and socializing, but prefer to avoid a wild club scene, there are multiple venues to choose from, many located within a short walking distance of your Las Vegas Strip hotel. These Vegas bars and lounges offer a more sophisticated atmosphere, each with its own unique design and vibe. Here are some of the best alternative drinking and socializing destinations, located right on the Strip:

  • The Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan
  • The Bourbon Room at the Venetian
  • The Deuce Lounge at Aria
  • Rhumbar at the Mirage
  • Mandarin Bar at Mandarin Oriental
  • Skyfall at Mandalay Bay
  • Lilly’s at Bellagio
  • Hyde Lounge at Bellagio
  • Camden Lounge at Palms


No matter what you can imagine as being a perfect night out, Las Vegas has the venues to make those visions a reality.  Whether it’s a nightclub, lounge, or bar, Sin City’s nightlife is limitless and legendary.  This unrivaled adult playground makes Vegas the place that can truly cater to any occasion. Just be sure to plan ahead and explore the myriad Vegas party options to guarantee to find your personal favorite nightlife destination.


Bottle service is not for everyone and you do not need it to enjoy yourself at a nightclub.

It does have its perks and makes sense for different cases.

Let’s first compare what it would cost for 8 guys to enter a top club without bottle service compared to with bottle service.


-8 guys paying cover at $50 = $400

-1 hour plus wait

-Waiting for drinks

-$12 a drink and 7 drinks per person = $672

-No place to sit

-Total cost $1072+ or $134 per person

With bottle service:

-$177 per person (as calculated above) or $43 more than without bottle service

-No cover, minimal to no wait in the line

-No waiting to get drinks and a dedicated waitress

-A place to sit and talk

-Other perks like getting ladies to the table and escort to restroom…

That is just one example to see it actually would not be too much more for bottle service.

If you are by yourself or with one or two other people it probably does not make sense though in terms of price.

Kent Chantung
Kent Chantung
02:41 21 Jan 18
Absolutely the ONLY way to experience Vegas nightlife. From personal pre-trip planning to welcomed arrival at your hotel, Richie and his staff make EVERY ONE OF OUR TRIPS an amazing experience at the hottest nightclubs The Strip has to offer. No hassle and immediate access to the club of your choice is great for a person like me who hates lines or waiting. There is never a request too difficult to fulfill for Nightlife Unlocked including being taken AFTER an awesome night of clubbing to get the BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO ever because they knew I loved them! Contact Nightlife Unlocked to help make your Vegas trip one to remember. THANK YOU RICHIE and STAFF!
Ashley Summers
Ashley Summers
00:38 22 Jan 18
I will always be using Nightlife Unlocked when in Vegas for any of my nightlife needs! Used them for guest list and bottle service and had a flawless experience in both. Nightlife Unlocked is very professional, honest and overall great in customer service! Had a large party to deal with and Nightlife Unlocked was very accommodating in both services for guest list and bottle service. Thank you Nightlife Unlocked for such a great memorable experience! We will be back!!
Jody Connacher
Jody Connacher
16:53 21 Jan 18
I cannot say enough good things about this company! They hands down give the best service and personal experience for showing how to have an epic time in Vegas! You can’t go wrong with them! I’ve sent so many friends their way, they all agreed with their experience too!
Lisa Imbesi
Lisa Imbesi
04:56 18 Feb 18
My go too concierge service in town ... they literally have the best prices know the best spots shows pools events... def use them i was extremely satisfied with nightlife unlocked and will only use them
Adam Feinberg
Adam Feinberg
01:31 21 Jan 18
Amazing experience, never partied so hard! I think the best part of my trip was the interaction with nightlife staff. They take care of you like nobodies business. Boom done.
Jacqui Howe
Jacqui Howe
21:00 10 Apr 18
Complete professionals! Really took care of us girls and made our trip to Vegas so amazing. Thank you.
Michael Prencavage
Michael Prencavage
21:10 21 Jan 18
Richie with nightlife unlocked was absolutely incredible. Him and his team set up the most unbelievable New Years Vegas experience for me and my group of friends. Hyde and Hakkasan tables we had were amazing. Strongly recommend contacting Nightlife Unlocked for an unforgetable Vegas trip!
Vanessa Palestino
Vanessa Palestino
01:04 11 Aug 18
Nightlife Unlocked is hands down, my go-to promotion company to make sure all of my clients have the best experience in Las Vegas. Whether you’re visiting with a bachelor party or for work, this is the company to work with to make sure your trip is unforgettable!
John Petrick
John Petrick
00:10 23 Aug 18
I was tasked with putting together a bachelor party for a friend of mine and I thought i could do it all on my own and it was going to be awesome. I thought I had it all figured out...not exactly.Thank G-d another friend of mine introduced me to Richie and Nightlife Unlocked. Richie took care of EVERYTHING. I didn't have to lift a finger, even better, I got everything for cheaper than if I had tried to do it all on my own. For years I thought I was doing Vegas right, now I know I was barely scratching the surface. Richie is the man. He made planning the trip easy. He provided invaluable insight and when all was said and done, was responsible for one of the most memorable trips I and my friends had ever had.
Abie Durst
Abie Durst
00:02 21 Feb 19
Seriously the best time of my life. Easy to book and soooo much fun! I won’t use anything else.
Alexandrea Rivera
Alexandrea Rivera
02:43 03 Apr 19
Made my entire trip! Quick and easy to book with! The staff really goes out of there way to ensure you have the best possiblr experience by customizing your booking to your specific interests! Thanks so much Nightlife Unlocked! Will def use again! Xo
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