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About Sushi Roku

Setting the standards in sushi fine dining, Sushi Roku at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace combines innovative and traditional in their approach to creating sushi works of art. With only the finest fresh fish, Sushi Roku boasts a daring and unique menu that includes nontraditional ingredients (such as: jalapenos and olive oil) for a rare sushi dining experience.

The master sushi chefs at Sushi Roku embrace traditional forms of sushi, while experimenting with new, exotic approaches to create unique, flavorful combinations and visuallystunning
edible masterpieces.

Among the dishes at Sushi Roku, the appetizers include: Premium Tofu 3 Ways (white truffles, caviar & lemon oil, Tokyo scallions & sesame), Yellowtail Sashimi (with diced chiles), and a Tuna Sashimi Carpaccio (sesame soy & garlic chips). Sushi Roku includes a full menu of rice, noodles, and salads, such as the Seaweed Salad (with cucumber sunomono) or the Sashimi Salad (assorted sashimi, frisee, and soy ginger).

Sushi Roku makes bold choices with their food, all while keeping to traditional sushi. Rolls like: a Shima Rollshrimp wrapped Spicy Tuna (with cilantro and avocado), the Garden Roll (cucumber, asparagus, mizuna, ginger soy), and a Black Truffle Tempura Handroll (with avocado) stand out on the Sushi Roku menu.

The bar at Sushi Roku keeps to a similar approach with their traditional drinks. Their drinks infuse unique mixtures, creating oneofakind signature cocktails. Their mojito, is actually a Ginger Lychee Mojito (Bacardi rum, mint, lychee fruit, ginger, vanilla, lime juice). Another Sushi Roku signature cocktail is the Passion & Spice (Absolut vodka, orange curacao, crushed jalapenos, orange slices, lemon juice).

Don’t forget to enjoy the happy hour selections at Sushi Roku while in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace! From cocktail bar to sushi bar, Sushi Roku is a masterful work of tasty culinary creations.

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