The Lowdown on Las Vegas Nightlife

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The Lowdown on Las Vegas Nightlife

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In the town that loves drinking, bar-hopping (choose between martini, beer, oxygen, cigar, bikini, singles, vodka bars and more), and casinos at every turn, you’ll find that Las Vegas nightlife has options for everyone. Take your pick of casino lounges, shows, restaurants, you name it and you’ll find an entertainment option of your choice. Most of the top dining options have fun-filled, party or even disco-like atmospheres as well as after-hours clubs. The Las Vegas nightlife scene wouldn’t be complete without beefy tourists and overly excited businessmen oogling cocktail waitresses and topless dancers, making for superb people watching for onlookers who choose a different type of view.

Heavily made-up divorcees lightly tap their long, painted nails while draped over bar stools in the lounge or piano bar of their choice. This is the typical (or was) picture of nightlife in Las Vegas. But the scene has changed into one of infinite possibilities, and the Strip now has a more modern, glamorous image that attracts a younger, trendier crowd of tourists who are fashion-forward and trendsetting. You’ll also find corporate executives of both sexes making eyes at each other in sleek microbreweries and edgy cigar bars. College frat boys and sorority girls along with their graduated, first-job, 20-something seniors, come to Vegas too, fists of rent-money cash in hand. The bass-thumping, flashing lights and music of the dance clubs, bars, and strip clubs have a risque feel that tourists of all ages seek out.

The club scene in Las Vegas used to be more sock-hop than hip-hop, but over the past few years, Las Vegas nightlife has taken on a new, trendier vibe that reveals that of New York and even Los Angeles. Casinos have actively been recruiting famous socialites and night-life influencers, along with flashy club promoters and international superstar DJs.

Venue-wise, the options are endless…and varied! New York-New York replicated Manhattan’s Coyote Ugly bar, where cheeky female bartenders perform sexy dance routines on bar tops. The Bellagio’s Hyde Nightclub is a popular venue as well, with its gorgeous terrace overlooking the famous fountains in front of the resort. It has 10,000 square feet of spectacular space and features sections both indoors and out.

There are also new venues at the Palms to choose from, including Scotch 80 Prime(with its rare and vintage whiskey options), Apex Social Club(with a rooftop 360-degree view of Vegas) and the newest nightlife venue on the strip just opening a few weeks ago. The Palms hotel has been going through construction and maybe the new hot spot once finished.

What will all of these entertainment options cost you? Covers and minimums vary according to the venue and if/what act is performing. Nightclub cover charge range from $40-$100 for men and most women get in free or for a much lesser charge. The strip clubs usually charge around a $20-$40 cover and sometimes have a drink minimum requirement as well, with lap dances running around $20 on average. Thankfully Nightlife Unlocked can offer a free limo pickup and reduced cover at the strip clubs.

Las Vegas nightlife starts later than most places, with 10 pm as the typical norm for starting the party. Most lounges and bars are open 24/7, and liquor laws also allow for 24/7 service, for those who crave a 4 am handle of vodka to keep the after party drinks flowing!

So for those people who still think Vegas is a touristy, family destination, take heed of the city’s catchphrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” The nightlife scene looks more like a group of attractive, stylish people seductively dancing together in a sleek nightclub with plans for a raging afterparty at a rooftop pool afterward. Sin is in, and it can be found all over the Las Vegas nightlife scene.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 Tips and Tricks

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 Tips and Tricks


Home - Blog  EDC Las Vegas has returned for 2018, and we have all the tips and tricks to help with the preparation. There’s less than a week left, so we wrote this guide to prepare those who are going for the first time. Our first recommendation is arriving in Las Vegas a day ahead. Coming a day ahead can help avoid having to rush and missing some of the events. They’re also events taking place during EDC weekend that can help keep you occupied arriving early to Las Vegas. We recommend checking out David Guetta at XS at Encore on May.17.2018. This will be a pool party event worth checking out. The event starts at 10:00 pm, the price for men is $60.00 while woman pay only $30.00 for the cover charge.


What to wear at EDC?

There are no restrictions other than to not wear anything that encourages hate or negativity. People are welcome to express themselves with their imagination when it comes to dressing up. Avoiding anything offensive is essential. People will be trading candy. Candy are beaded bracelets made ahead of time. It can be fun trading candies with strangers and is a great icebreaker getting to know people.


What to wear to EDC for guys and woman?

Since the event will run until 6:00 am in the morning, we recommend bringing a jacket because it can get cold. It’s forecast to reach around 66 degrees at about 6:00 am and 90 degrees during the midafternoon. We don’t recommend dressing in too many clothes during the afternoon to avoid overheating. Woman are known for wearing with little to no clothing. However, nipples must be covered up with at least tape, tape over the nipples while exposing their breast is very popular among woman at EDC.


EDC Set Times tips and tricks.

We recommend downloading the official Insomniac EDC app to keep track of set times for EDC. There is an app available for both Apple and Android smartphones These apps both have excellent feedback and are very useful because set times can be changed. The Insomniac app will help keep track of all the DJs your planning on seeing and it notifies you if there are any changes.


Additional EDC tips and tricks.

We recommend bringing snacks with you inside the event. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the most recommended as they will keep you full. Also, make sure to stay hydrated from the heat. It was so hot last year is the reason why EDC was pushed a month earlier this year. EDC is currently sold out if you do not have a ticket we recommend only buying from an official EDC ticket exchange to avoid being scammed. Just because you buy a ticket from someone on letgo or offerup and activate it doesn’t mean the original buyer can’t cancel it. Buying from the official EDC ticket exchange will protect you from becoming a scam victim.


Lastly, bring an external charger to charge your smart. EDC is full of magic, so be sure to keep your phone charged to capture all of them!


The Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

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The Best Nightclubs In Las Vegas

Home - Blog  “What is the best nightclub in Las Vegas?” is a question we get asked constantly. While other sites usually give some PC answer for fear of hurting feelings; Nightlife Unlocked has testicles to spare. We are more than happy to answer that question honestly. Dedicated to the unafraid, here is part one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas and why.


Best Bottle Service in Las Vegas: Hyde Nightclub at Bellagio

Hyde Nightclub boasts the best bottle service in Las Vegas and possibly the world hands down. Rare champagne and hard to find liquor from around the world? Check. Most extravagant bottle presentations on the strip? Check. Also because it’s not a mega club, Hyde is extremely particular about who is allowed access. That means only bottle service guests and beautiful women are guaranteed entrance. Everyone else will have to find a less exclusive place to drink.


Best Nightclub for Ladies in Las Vegas: Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay

Light is so female-friendly that half of its reservations on a nightly basis are all girl groups. Since opening, something about the place has attracted beautiful and successful women more so than even the newer clubs on the strip. Asking some of the female guests why they preferred Light nightclub, they said something about the layout. We really can’t remember as we were terribly distracted by the copious amounts of cleavage.


Best Nightclub to meet celebrities: Marquee Nightclub at Cosmopolitan

Marquee has such a strong presence across the world that every celebrity at some point swings by the Las Vegas outpost. And not only do they swing by, Marquee makes everyone pay for their bottle service. Celebrities are not exempt, that makes running into one highly likely. So keep an eye out for the weirdo in a drivers cap and beard (*cough* cough* Leo Dicaprio).


Sexiest Nightclub in Las Vegas: Drai’s Nightclub at the Cromwell

The view from Drai’s is incomparable. The music makes the booties bounce. And on a hot Vegas night, this is where the necklines are plunging and the skirts are shortest. Even the design of the club makes everyone inside its walls think and feel sexy. It’s quite a unique place in that respect and one that we highly recommend everyone experience at least once.

This is part one of an ongoing series. Is there any club that you think is the best? Leave a comment below and tell us why.


Best Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas

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If listening to EDM tunes form a top celebrity DJ is enough to make you sick to your stomach you want to hit up one of the best hip-hop clubs in Las Vegas. Sin City has the top hip-hop clubs that know how to keep the music pumping and the ladies twerking. Check out our list of the best hip-hop clubs in Las Vegas and get ready for a night to remember.

Hyde Nightclub

Home - Blog  Hyde Nightclub manages to attract some of the best hip-hop DJs in Las Vegas, and they have a residency of multiple top DJ’s, so you always get something fresh and new always. With the beautiful go-go dancers, floor-to-ceiling windows, 50-yard line views of the Bellagio fountains, it’s easy to see why this is the go-to spot for wild parties. Plus, it’s an indoor/outdoor club, and you can move between the two seamlessly.

1 Oak Nightclub

Home - Blog  You can’t talk about the best hip-hop clubs in Las Vegas without mentioning 1 Oak Nightclub. This venue draws the top hip-hop artists from all around. Plan your nights around live performances by Lil’ Wayne, Tyga, or Snoop Dogg play MC for the night. Even Kanye West stopped by for an epic DJ set one time. This place has one of the biggest hip-hop party vibes out there, and the space is huge. It has two separate areas, on each side of the DJ booth. All locations in this venue will have great views and play your favorite tunes.

Light Nightclub

Home - Blog  If you are looking to get down with some of your favorite Hip-hop artists you have to check out Light Nightclub. This isn’t just a hip-hop venue, although there is plenty of that. Check the performance schedule and be pleasantly surprised to see Rick Ross, T-Pain, and Metro Boomin. That’s just part of it, though. You might come for the music, but you will stay for the crazy light and LED screen show. Behind the LED screen you will see silhouettes of dancers getting down to the music. The dancers wear eye-catching costumes and have moves you won’t see anywhere else. All this together, and you easily have one of the best hip-hop clubs in Las Vegas. This is one you need to see for yourself.

Drais Nightclub

Home - Blog  Drai’s Nightclub knows how to pull in the best and most famous hip-hop DJs and performers on a consistent basis. If it’s a Friday or Saturday, someone major and at the top of the Billboard charts is going to be there. One weekend, you might see 50 Cent perform, or maybe it’ll be Migos. The dance floor is one of the largest, and the LED screens and lighting systems keep the party lit and going strong. There is an80-sided disco ball that is a must-see. This is a hip-hop paradise, so make sure to stop by on your next night out on the town.

Don’t Forget Your Bottle Service

These are the best hip-hop clubs in Las Vegas, If it’s in your budget we highly recommend to experience it with bottle service. Reserve your bottle service, so you’ll have the time of your life when the DJ spins tunes or the guest of honor goes crazy on the mic.

Which is your favorite Hip-Hop Venue in Vegas?

Best EDM Clubs in Las Vegas

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If you want to dance till your feet off,  you need to hit up one of the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas. Take a close look at the venues we have listed for you below. Our list of the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas will spin your favorite tunes, and you won’t be able to stay still. Hit these clubs up for a dance-filled evening in Sin City.

Marquee Nightclub

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Marquee Nightclub is one of the first and still meets all expectations for the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas. Marquee has a rooftop patio that offers 360 views of the strip, a huge dance floor that’s big enough for the largest crew, and the best DJs and performers in the world. Dash Berlin and DJ Chuckie are staple residents here.


Hakkasan Nightclub

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Hakkasan takes the cake as one of the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas. Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Kaskade, and Zedd are regulars who spin their best dance music,. The dance floor is huge, so you don’t have to stay at your table all night. The third floor of the club is where the main DJs play, and it has two distinct areas. Stick to the main room so you can get your fill of your favorite EDM perforance.


Omnia Nightclub

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Omnia Nightclub is essentially a who’s who of EDM superstars. This is the place to go to listen to Tiesto, Kaskade, Calvin Harris, and Zedd spin their chart toppers. You can expect with DJs like this the crowd is on their feet fist-pumping as hard as they can. Omnia has a huge dance floor that sits underneath a massive 3 million dollar chandelier and lighting system. The LED lights shower the dancefloor and the chandelier drops low enough to just be out of reach. Add in the extra theatrical elements, and this is easily one of the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas.


XS Nightclub

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You are in for some of the best EDM tunes around at XS Nightclub. David Guetta, the Chainsmokers, Kygo, and others man the DJ booth at this elegant club. They are even signing new deep house DJs as of recent. With a 40,000-square-foot dance floor you have plenty of room to rage or if it gets too intense you can chill on the outdoor patio. Don’t be surprised if you get mesmerized by the 10-foot chandelier. Everything XS Nightclub is gorgeous, and the music is thumping.


Wet RepublicHome - Blog

Wet Republic offers more than just another one of the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas. It’s also the perfect venue to go for a swim in Vegas. It’s not just any pool party, though. Think amazing music coupled with serious pool action. Zedd, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and others make their rounds here.


Encore Beach Club

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Encore Beach Club knows how to bring the EDM heat. David Guetta and Kygo are known to hold down the turntables here, and they are just two examples of the amazing DJs you’ll experience at the day club. People often describe their time at this pool as feeling like they’re in a popular music video. From the corks flying off the bottles of champagne, and the half-naked women this place is wild in the best possible way. Make it even wilder by going to Encore Beach Club at Night. It’s the same huge party, only after the sun goes down.


Have a Blast at the Best EDM Clubs in Las Vegas

The party is pumping on all cylinders at the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas. Make sure the alcohol is flowing, too, by getting your bottle service set up in advance. Bottle service if in the budget makes the experience so much better. After all, alcohol and EDM go together like DJ booths and Calvin Harris.

What is your favorite EDM Club in Las Vegas?

How to walk into a Las Vegas Nightclub

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How to walk into a Las Vegas Nightclub

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The correct and proper way to walk into a Las Vegas Nightclub can be intimidating. However, simply knowing what to expect, what to do, but most importantly, who to tip(and not to tip), can make all the difference.


Meeting Your Host

The most important part of walking into a Las Vegas nightclub is securing a table reservation ahead of time. We at Nightlife Unlocked make it fast, easy, and transparent. We will be more than glad to set you up with one of our Sr. hosts, to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Once in touch with one of our hosts and a table is confirmed, a meeting place will be arranged in the resort where the nightclub is located. Make sure to tip the walk-in host upon initial contact, this is how they make their living. When gathered, it is important that everyone in your party has a valid state or country issued identification. Sorry, no Costco cards or gym membership cards; no matter how skinny you look or how gray your hair is. Also, take the opportunity to check everyone’s pockets for any sharp objects, or questionable paraphernalia (cannabis pens, mace, small knives, etc). Nightclubs are extremely strict, as safety is the number one concern. Getting rid of anything that is not allowed will speed things up later when going through security. It doesn’t matter how much you plan on spending in the nightclub, it’s not worth them losing their gaming license.  Once everything is in order, your assigned Nightlife Unlocked host will lead you to the table reservation area, and on to the next part of the journey.



Your Nightlife Unlocked host will deal with the doorman and confirm the reservation. This ensures that when you approach the ropes, they will open like a high school girlfriend on prom night. Warning: do not attempt to jump the ropes, go under the ropes, or touch the ropes, unless you want a couple of 300-pound ex-linebackers to tackle you. If that’s the case, have at it. Once escorted through the ropes, nightclub security will perform a thorough purse and pocket check. They have gotten to the point where some venues make you take off your shoes, check your socks, take off cell phone covers, and shake out your hair. Everyone will also get wanded down by a metal detector. Finally, the group will get their IDs checked and get a stamp that indicates they are over 21, as well as another stamp that waves the cover charge (since you do have a table, right?). It is best to let the people who do these checks, do their job. Fight the urge to tell a joke or make a snide remark, as it will only slow things down. Once the group is through the necessary frivolities, you are ready to walk through a crowd of a few thousand people to your waiting piece of real estate for the night.


Navigating the Crowd/ Table Manners

While walking through the crowd, keep your eye on your host. Your host will either raise an arm or light to increase visibility. It is also a good idea to hold onto a hand, shoulder, or other body part (but receive permission first) of a person in your group. If at this point you experience kindergarten déjà vu, embrace it! You’re almost there! Arriving at your table, the group will be introduced to the attending waitress, busser, and security assigned to your table. Make sure to take care of the busser and your security. Those two will keep your area clean, and shoo away the riffraff respectively. The waitress tip is usually automatically tallied at the end of the night so for now, don’t worry about her. It’s at this point that the order for the first bottle(s) is placed, and payment is taken. Once the order is received, the waitress will return with your liquid happiness and possibly a parade, if you ordered right. You can now sit back, and relax. Congratulations! You successfully walked into a Las Vegas Nightclub! Now, try not to black out.

What are your experiences with working with the door host? Do they make you feel like VIP or do they just say you are to make a sale?

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Las Vegas Nightclubs and Dayclubs

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10 Facts You Might Not Know About Las Vegas Nightclubs and Dayclubs


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Nightlife Unlocked surveyed 400 industry employees who work in nightlife or pool clubs if they would like to share any industry secret or quirk they know about Las Vegas Nightclubs. Here are the best answers:

1.) If your mission is to talk/meet girls, then the best table at the nightclub for your group is going to be the table closest to the women’s bathroom. You should see every girl in the club at least once. And if your game is on, you should talk to quite a few of them!

2.) If you’re a girl partying at Light nightclub and you’re “invited to party in the green room”. Just Don’t.

3.) On a hot summer day, you may be tempted to use one of the water fountains at Encore Beach Club. Don’t, they ooze boiling hot condensation masked for water.  We suggest just going back to your table and ordering a cold Fiji water from your waitress. What if you don’t have a table? Get one.

4.) Do you know of anyone that has had the legendary Spearmint Rhino chicken fingers sober, at a decent hour of the day? We don’t know of anyone either. Let’s keep it that way pls.

5.) It’s been said that if you are a Guy, the best chances of taking a girl home from the club are at Hyde, then Tao, Marquee, Light, and Chateau in that order. This fact was given to us by someone from Hyde.

6.) Have you ever been S*it faced and found yourself admiring the multimillion-dollar laser, light, and smoke show at Marquee? It is all controlled by one person with an Ipad.

7.) We all know the line from Swingers “They are gonna give Daddy the Rainman suite”.  Well unfortunately in order to even be considered for a comp table at a Vegas nightclub or dayclubs on the strip, a player must gamble with, at the very least, $500,000 per stay. So if that is not how you are rolling on that trip, don’t bother asking a Casino Host for a comp.

8.) A secret 16 oz bottle of watermelon juice mixer is placed under every table at Hyde Bellagio. Unfortunately, the mixer can’t be ordered at the bar, it is only available to guests with a table. When mixed properly, it makes the most delicious shots!

9.) At the time of this article, marijuana is legalized in Las Vegas, however, it is still not allowed in any nightclub or dayclub on the strip. If a person is caught with marijuana they will be immediately ejected from the property.  Can’t get any worse than that.  Oh wait, they keep your marijuana as well.

10.) No matter how much you tip her, she’s not going to sleep with you.  Save the cash for the strip clubs.  Never-mind, they won’t sleep with you either.

Have any other insights?  Please add them in the comment section.


Best Deals for Las Vegas Bottle Service

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Best Deals for Las Vegas Bottle Service

You love popping bottles at the club, but it can get expensive. That’s caused you to look for the best deals for Las Vegas bottle service. You know a good deal means a night full of the best liquor around. Check out the best deals for Las Vegas bottle service and get ready to pop some corks with your buds.

TAO Nightclub

Home - Blog  Want something exclusive on a budget? TAO Nightclub is right for you. It offers all kinds of bottle service options, ranging from small side tables for six guests to dance floor tables for up to 20 people.

Then, it has something really special. It offers the shared table social experience. This is essentially a shared bottle service. You’ll be taken to an area with open seating and shared tables, and there will be bottles available. This is easily one of the best deals for Las Vegas bottle service.

Hyde Nightclub

Home - Blog  If you’re looking for the best deals for Las Vegas bottle service, you should also check out Hyde Nightclub. You get to choose from the fountain terrace, main room, upper dance floor, and lower dance floor. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll get a VIP host and you’ll get to skip the lines. The prices are good, and with so many perks, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t go with the bottle service. It’s well worth it.

1 Oak Nightclub

Home - Blog  1 Oak Nightclub is another top option if you want bottle service in Vegas. You can keep it casual with a side table with six people and a couple of bottles, or you can go crazy with the owner’s table for up to 20 people and eight bottles. You’ll get your own host, who will make sure everything is perfect for the entire evening, and you’ll breeze right past those annoying admission lines. The prices here are fair, but you’ll still be treated like royalty. You will seriously have an exclusive experience with the service at 1 Oak Nightclub.

Chateau Nightclub

Home - Blog  The bottles will be popping if you go to Chateau Nightclub. Here’s what is so cool about this spot. You can get bottle service for one person, or you can get it for all your buds. You usually need at least four people to claim a VIP spot, so if you’re flying solo, you can’t beat Chateau Nightclub. Of course, you’ll also love to share the Magnum Belvedere Vodka and Veuve Clicquot Champagne with your buds, so bring them along if they’re available.

Light Nightclub

Home - Blog  You can also get one of the best deals for Las Vegas bottle service at Light Nightclub. It starts at $500 for up to eight people, which is a steal. You don’t just get to choose the type of liquor you want. You also get mixers, including cranberry juice and tonic. Add in the fact that you skip the lines and get your own private server, and it’s no wonder people love going to Light Nightclub.

You’re in for the time of your life when you go to one of these nightclubs. You’ll take advantage of the best deals for Las Vegas bottle service, and you’ll have a blast with your crew. Get ready to party like never before at one of these clubs.

Can I Trust My Las Vegas Host?

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Can I Trust My Las Vegas Host?

By Anonymous

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I always wondered if you could trust a Las Vegas Host. I met mine two years ago. Since then he has made everything continuously easier and smoother. He constantly maintained a professional demeanor so it was always in the back of my mind. The little adventure I’m about to detail provided a clear answer. This prose is written as a favor to him, who now works for Nightlife Unlocked. After what happened, it’s the least I could do to thank him.

I stumbled out of the Uber at 10:35 PM into the Bellagio with three Jack Daniels and sodas coursing through my veins. God bless McCarran Airport for that one. My two friends and I were in town for a quick 26-hour getaway so we had to make the most of it. My Vegas VIP Host (Let us call him L for brevity’s sake) greeted me at the porte coshère with a handshake/hug combo usually reserved for people with more melanin in their skin than myself. We didn’t bother checking into the hotel. We just threw our bags at the bell desk and walked towards the gathering crowd. L briskly walked us through the masses waiting outside. Before I knew it we were seated at the best table right in the middle of the dance floor at the Bellagio’s crown jewel, Hyde Nightclub.

Once inside, we proceeded to order an obscene amount of alcohol in bottles reserved for victorious Roman generals. Each procession of bottles was getting more and more ridiculous. The MC, an Indian guy (dot, not feather) with a giant beard and a funny hat kept yelling my name over the slamming music. I have to admit, I loved it. As this bacchanal unfurled into the night, I would every now and then see L, casually sipping on a water bottle, with a faint smile and maybe a few words of instruction for the waitress. The last thing I remember was the busty blonde from Chicago grinding her pelvis into me while telling me how she loved the way I ordered bottles.

I don’t remember how I responded because when I opened my eyes it was to the ringing of my cell phone. I was in my suite at Bellagio, still in my suit from last night. Neatly arranged on the nightstand were an unopened bottle of Tylenol and a cold Gatorade. My luggage had been delivered, and my watch, wallet, and cellphone were intact. L was on the other end of the ringing phone. I apparently had too much to drink and blacked out. I was a bumbling sloppy mess. L had arranged for my safe arrival to my suite, as well as the care package. My own loser friends had ditched me and were just getting back from Sapphire strip club. I was slow to recover but eventually made it out to the pool that day.

When I saw L later, I couldn’t find the words to thank him for getting me back safely. Since then I run any Vegas decision past him no matter how infinitesimal. L always goes above and beyond what I would expect from any human being, much less someone who I only met two years ago. So can I trust my Las Vegas Host? I think the answer is a resounding “Yes”.

The Best Vegas Pool Parties

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The Best Vegas Pool Parties

The sun is shining and you’re ready to hit up a pool party. Forget about heading to a friend’s house, though. You want to go to one of the best Vegas pool parties. That means you want a party with lots of people, popular DJs, and bottle service. These are the best Vegas pool parties around, so check them out if you’re looking for a good time.

Wet Republic

Home - Blog  If you’re looking for one of the best Vegas pool parties, you have to check out Wet Republic at MGM Grand. It’s a good idea to get there early because the parties here tend to get packed. This is an upscale experience, and the music is amazing. Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and others have been known to stop by. The DJ stage is front and center, so you’ll get a good look at whatever major DJ is spinning hooks during the party. It’s enough to get everyone dancing and jumping around, but don’t worry. The security does a great job of keeping everyone safe. You can have a wild time, but make sure no one gets hurt.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Swimming attire is required, and you need to dress fashionably. This isn’t the time to pull a swimsuit off the rack at a discount store. Also, beach bags aren’t allowed, but you can rent a locker there. That’s pretty much par for the course at the best Vegas pool parties. There just isn’t room to have beach bags all over the place.

Marquee Dayclub

Home - Blog  It doesn’t get much wilder than the pool party at the Marquee Dayclub. Between the DJ spinning tunes, the smoke machines, and the dancers on the bar, this party is epic. You seriously have to see it for yourself to believe it. It seems to get wilder ever time.

Put on your favorite upscale and trendy swim attire to attend this party. You’ll get turned away if you don’t look the part. This is a major party, so get decked out for it.

Encore Beach Club

Home - Blog  When you ask around about the best Vegas pool parties, you’ll probably notice the Encore Beach Club comes up a time or two. It should be no surprise that this place manages to get major DJs, like David Guetta and the Chainsmokers, to spin spins. That’s just the half of it, though. The dancing is out of this world, and it gets wild in the pool. There is ample space here, though, so even when it brings in the crowds (which it always does) you will have some room to bust a move.

Going to a Pool Party

The pool parties are wild, especially when you have easy access to alcohol. Here’s the thing, though. The lines at the bars are long, and the servers can only help so many people at a time. Make it easier for yourself by getting bottle service when you attend one of the best Vegas pool parties. That way, you don’t have to stop partying so you can find a drink.

The Best Vegas Nightclubs

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The Best Vegas Nightclubs

Las Vegas has a reputation for being a party city. From the craps tables to the table service at the best Vegas nightclubs, there is always something fun going on. Of course, you can’t go to the party unless you know where it’s located. Get the scoop on the best Vegas nightclubs and get ready to party like never before.

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

Home - Blog

The Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub is located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and it is the perfect place to go for a good time. As one of the best Vegas nightclubs, Marquee Nightclub attracts some of the biggest DJs in the business, such as DJ Vice and DJ Ruckus. It’s known for playing hip-hop music, but you can also catch some EDM tunes, so expect to dance. The club has three levels plus a pool area, so it’s spacious enough to host large crowd while still giving everyone room to move around.

Omnia Nightclub

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If you ask locals about the best Vegas nightclubs, many will point you toward Omnia Nightclub. The lighting and sound here are amazing, and major DJs like Calvin Harris often stop by to spin tunes. EDM is the hot genre at Omnia, but expect to hear some hip-hop, as well. The music is only part of the fun. The club also tends to go all out with the visuals. It’s not unusual to see trapeze acts flying through the air one moment and the chandelier coming down the next. If you tire of the indoors, head out to the rooftop balcony. It provides a view of the Vegas strip. Plus, the balcony has another DJ, so you don’t have to leave the music behind to enjoy the view.

XS Nightclub

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Who says you must choose between a nightclub and a casino? XS Nightclub offers the best of both worlds. This world-class nightclub has a mini-casino inside, so you can try your luck in between drinks and dancing. Speaking of dancing, the open-air DJ booth is located between the outdoor pool area and the indoor club, and you’ll find some of the biggest names in music sitting inside of it. Stop by and you might get to hear The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, and other famous DJs lighting it up inside the booth. Attend one of the night swim events during the summer, and the DJ will spin those tunes while you splash around in the pool

Hakkasan Nightclub

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The Hakkasan Nightclub is also one of the best Vegas nightclubs, and it has one of the wildest dance floors around. When you aren’t dancing, you’ll be mesmerized by all the cool effects and the amazing acoustics. That’s great news when you consider the caliber of talent the Hakkasan Nightclub attracts. Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and Lil Jon have all been known to stop by, so you can enjoy a different style of music each night.

The best Vegas nightclubs know how to attract the biggest talent in the world. When you go to one of these nightclubs, you know you are in for a good night. Just keep in mind that these nightclubs get packed. It’s a good idea to order bottle service ahead of time so you don’t spend your entire night standing in line, waiting for a drink.

Nightlife Unlocked Presents: The Keys to the Perfect Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

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The perfect bachelor party weekend has to be done just right. Reader beware! This list is not for the faint of heart. This is a guide for the bold, unafraid to have an unforgettable Vegas bachelor party weekend. This is for the group who not only wants to do it right, but who want to create stories that will be passed down to the generations that follow.

A Vegas bachelor party weekend consists of four primary ingredients:

  1. The Nightclub
  2. The Dayclub (AKA the Pool Club)
  3. The Sober Group Activity (AKA The Alibi)
  4. The Stripclub (Crucial)

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The Nightclub

Las Vegas nightclubs are legendary. It is where the most beautiful people in the world go to drink and socialize. But as with everything it has to be done right. Always make sure to get bottle service. Without it, a Vegas bachelor party resembles a flock of wandering middle schoolers. Bottle service glams up an evening. It provides a place to entertain and sit. Not to mention any ladies that might follow the group of gentlemen because they just got to skip a two-hour wait to get in. But not all clubs are equal on all nights. Even the hottest clubs have evenings that should be avoided. We here at Nightlife Unlocked know the best nights to go to the best nightclubs. So go on and feel free to ask.


The Dayclub

Every Vegas bachelor party weekend must include a Dayclub. There is simply nothing like it in the world. The crowds are hot, and the barely visible bikini is the norm. All pool clubs in Vegas cater the entertainment, and even who gets into the Dayclubs around the bottle service customers. So bottle service is a must. However, reservations are extremely limited and they go fast. Planning ahead is necessary, and Vegas Unlocked can get the most coveted spots at the best Dayclubs in Vegas.


The Sober Activity (AKA The Alibi)

At this point in any Vegas bachelor party weekend the groom and his men have had a day and night filled with beautiful women, and more alcohol than a hobo on nickel shot night. So it is vital to have a day of recovery. This day can also serve as a wonderful time to take plenty of non- incriminating pictures to show to all the girlfriends, moms, and wives back home. Nightlife Unlocked will be happy to book unique activities such as helicopter tours that land in the Grand Canyon, to gun range times where the groomsmen can train like a black ops operative. These activities will be the ones mentioned in public settings, so it is important to take lots of pictures so no one is the wiser.


The Strip Club

And finally, no Vegas bachelor party weekend is complete without the strip club. This is where the wild things are. Not only does Vegas boast the biggest strip clubs with the most beautiful women in the world, but Nightlife Unlocked will arrange door to door service from the hotel to the club. From there the Bachelor party will be whisked to one of a plethora of VIP experiences sure to blow minds. These VIP experiences can include everything from a booth where the ladies are picked from a lineup, to a private room overlooking the center stage. But as always the most important thing to remember is, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Best 3 Las Vegas Strip Clubs

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These Las Vegas Strip Clubs Earn Our Top 3 Spots

When planning a trip to Sin City one of the top things searched is Las Vegas strip clubs. I mean, it is truly the adult playground. With Las Vegas having the top strip clubs in the world. It brings the hottest topless dancers from around the world to work. Half of the girls actually fly in for busy weekends where they can be as naughty as they want. Afterward, they go back home and live their normal lives with their Vegas secrets. Browse our below three favorite Las Vegas Strip Clubs and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions on booking an unforgettable night.


Sapphire definitely tops the list when it comes to the largest Las Vegas Strip Clubs, but did you know that Sapphire is also the largest strip club in the world? Featuring 70,000 square feet of topless entertainment and serving the finest variety of cocktails, wines, champagne, and cigars.

Sapphire also has the only gentlemen’s club pool party! Relax and party in the comfort of your own private pool Cabana. The luxury cabana has the comfort of plush seating and a list of amenities for your comfort. You can party on the main deck or have a private party of your own in your Sapphire cabana. These cabanas also include the following amenities.

  • Covered Cabana Room
  • Personal Safe
  • Personal Refrigerator
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Luxury Seating
  • Personal Host

Sapphire LV was recently voted ‘Best Gentlemen’s Club’ by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Sapphire LV definitely deserves to be on top of the list of best Las Vegas strip clubs. Click here for Free Entry and Limo.

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Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas continues to set the standard for strip club entertainment in Sin City. Featuring the hottest strippers in all Las Vegas strip clubs. Watch beautiful ladies on four different stages, set throughout the entire club with open seating available for your enjoyment.

From the moment you contact us and finalize a reservation you are picked up in one of the complimentary limousines and treated to a VIP entrance, you will begin to enjoy the ultimate Vegas VIP experience you deserve.

Open 24 Hours a day, seven days week. The fun ends when you say it ends! If you’re hungry, a 24-hour full-service kitchen is provided and has been serving Las Vegas locals with raving reviews!

Believe what you heard, Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas is definitely not your typical strip club. Rhino is a top Las Vegas destination with the highest customer satisfaction.

Voted Best Gentlemen’s Club and Best Bachelor Party location by the Las Vegas Review-Journal for 2015. Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas continues to set the standard.Home - Blog


Crazy Horse III

Last but definitely not least on our list of best Las Vegas Strip Clubs is the famous CH3. Located just minutes from the Strip, Crazy Horse III was also recently voted Best Gentlemen’s Club and Best Bachelor Party in Las Vegas. CH3 welcomes you to come see the hottest strip club entertainers in Las Vegas. Like most people visiting and looking for the best strip club they know that you have high expectations, and as your premier gentlemen’s club, they are ready to show you a ‘Crazy’ good time.

When it comes to having fun, the most beautiful girls from Vegas and even around the world are eager to show you a thing or two. We encourage you to contact us and learn about our CH3 strip club packages and deals.

Whether you are here for a bachelor party, sporting event, convention, divorce party or a weekend trip, come experience all that we have to offer. This Ultra-modern complex(over 10,000 sq. ft.) is open 24/7/365 offering 5 private VIP bars and seating, daily drink specials, late-night sushi, FREE limo & party bus, and hookah.

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What They Don’t Tell You About Las Vegas Bottle Service

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We get many different reactions when we mention Las Vegas bottle service options. Most people right away assume they can’t afford VIP table service because of all the rumors on how overpriced and extremely expensive it can get. The typical bottle price point is $500-$600 dollars which are 500% over the normal price in your discount liquor store, and table minimums go as high as $5,000-$10,000 depending on the venue. So yes, bottle service is a rip-off, BUT when you dig into the experience you get with bottle service and if there was a way to get it discounted then maybe you would think twice about it being worth it? We have found a solution for you and are happy to offer discounted bottle service not offered anywhere else! Please see our prepaid packages below.

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Las Vegas Bottle Service Prepay Specials:

The participating venues are as follows: Hyde Bellagio, 1 Oak, Tao Nightclub and Beachclub, Drais Nightclub and Beachclub, The Bank, Light, Daylight, and Chateau:

** 2 bottle special including tax and tip for $1,300. This saves you $380 off normal pricing. **
** 3 bottle special including tax and tip for $2,100. This saves you $420 off normal pricing. **
** 4 bottle special including tax and tip for $2,700. This saves you $660 off normal pricing. **

The typical group is about  8-10 people and when you split it up it comes to $130 a person for the full VIP experience. Compare this to the option of not going with bottle service and you wait in line and pay $40-$100 cover charge just to get in plus drinks at the crowded bar and you end up paying more for a worse experience.

What comes with your Las Vegas bottle service?

1). You don’t have to wait in the 2-hour long general admission line that the venue trickles in to make it look busy for those who purchased bottle service.

2). We check you in at the time the venue opens and place the bottles on the table before you arrive. Allows for more time at dinner or a show beforehand so you are not rushing to the club risking it selling out.

3). When you do arrive your table is already set and ready for you to enjoy your night.

4). Your table comes with security to usher unwanted people near your table and offers walks to the restrooms so you don’t have to deal with the hassles of the congested crowd.

5). The table also comes with a cocktailer to pour drinks and shots for your party. A really good cocktailer will make sure your glass is always full.

6). You will also get a busser to keep the table and area surrounding always clean and tightly. They also assist with pouring drinks and making sure you are well supplied with cups and shot glasses.

7). Lastly, with a table, you will have your own area to dance and keep your belongings.




Nightlife Unlocked

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The Best Las Vegas Pool Parties

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With the warm weather is beginning to roll into Las Vegas and the party scene is getting set to move to the pool. If you’ve not been to one of the Las Vegas pool parties then you might not know what to expect. This is nothing like a neighbors pool party that you may be imagining; Las Vegas pool parties are most defiantly wild. Imagine bottle service in your favorite nightclub. Now imagine, instead of being in the sweaty heat of the club you are all outdoors in your bathing suits. There are fresh drinks being served to you, the DJs are amazing and there is a pool right in the center of the action. In Vegas you don’t even have to wait for nighttime for the part to begin; you can enjoy these parties any time of the day. Here are some of the best pool parties in Vegas that you should check out, whichever you pick you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Top 5 Las Vegas Pool Parties


Wet Republic

Home - Blog  Wet Republic has been one of the top Las Vegas pool parties for years. It adds a little extra flair with their 6,000 square feet of saltwater pools. The whole space is a staggering 25,000 square feet of partying, and it draws the crowds to fill it well. The bars are extra-long and offer some delicious frozen drinks that are just perfect for the Vegas heat. They even offer VIP cabanas and bungalows where you can enjoy giant TV screens plush furniture, refreshing misting fan, private plunge pools and high-class bottle service.

The real pull of Wet Republic though is the artists that they are able to feature, being based at the MGM grand means that the DJs are world class.

Encore Beach Club

Home - Blog  This club just cries out “luxury” from the moment that you enter. The whole place is perfectly temperature controlled with misters strategically placed throughout the club. Again there are luxuriously appointed cabanas available with all the service you would expect of such a fabulous place.

In the main space, you are never far from one of the very well stocked bars. The attentive staff is sure to be able to find you something that meets your taste, no matter how obscure you like your liquor.


Daylight Beach Club

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This Ibiza inspired tropical paradise has everything you could want for a daytime pool party. This club makes you feel like you are right on the beach, without the annoyance of sand getting everywhere. The food is to die for, space is expansive, and there are loads of cabanas and chaises just waiting for you to recline on them.

The specialty drinks that are served here are well worth a go, are you going to start with “The Clooney” or the “The Baja”?


Liquid Pool

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If you are looking for a more sophisticated pool party experience then Liquid is the place for you. If you prefer not having to push through crowds to reach the bar, and you want to revel in luxury, then look no further. Tucked away in the Aria this venue is quiet and discerning. Well worth a visit.



Tao Beach

Home - Blog  Like a venue plucked from the jungle this place is a little different. For those after a real VIP experience then look no further. The cabanas here offer air conditioning, flat screen TV with gaming systems hooked up to them as well as minibars. If you’re feeling a little tense after all your partying, why not hire a masseuse to come and ease your knots. You can even join multiple cabanas together in order to accommodate a larger party, or just to have more space to your selves.

For fans of EDM, this is the place to come as they often host some great EDM DJs.

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